Vape Parts Explained: The Complete Guide For 2022

When you take a whiff out of your vape pen, you don't just think about the parts and pieces connected to make the best hit happen! This is because every vape is designed to look so effortlessly done and bring you one step closer to the future of vaping. Either way, it's pretty essential to know and differentiate between all vape parts that make your vape pen work the way it does!

Many parts of vapes come disassembled, while others come ready, and if you're new to vaping, every vape kit will look confusing. Besides being an excellent alternative to smoking, vape pens have many components every vaping enthusiast needs to name!

If you're just entering the world of vaping, and don't know the first thing about vape accessories, continue reading our detailed guide to vaping, and never miss out on the trends! We'll take a look at all the parts that make up your vape, how they work with each other and how the pieces make each pen unique! Want the best vape pen with stellar features? Take a look at our selection! 

What are Common Vape Parts?

Vape pens are built with particular attention to detail and represent a healthier alternative to smoking. Every member element present in the vape pen's construction serves some kind of purpose: enriching the taste, heating the vapor, or the livelihood of the vape battery, every vape pen functions based on its components.

First, you should note that you can vape anything from a pen, including dry herbs, cannabis extracts, CBD oils, etc. Since those who turn to vaping as their new choice already make a pretty huge commitment, the amount of information accompanying each pen can be overwhelming.

Since most vape pens come in kits, you should know what each knick-knack does, why it's necessary, which are reusable, and which ones get charged or replaced. All parts play a significant role in your vaping experience, and the top vape pen components are: 

  1. The mouthpiece 
  2. The battery 
  3. The cartridge or tank 
  4. The atomizer or heating element 
  5. Power buttons and sensors 
  6. USB port 


Different Parts of a Vape: Functions 

Since we've narrowed down some of the essential parts of every vape pen, it's time to dwell deeper into what each of them does in making your vaping experience ten times better with each puff. Here's a detailed analysis of every vape part, crucial to your vaping pleasure!

The Mouthpiece 

The tip of your vape from which you inhale the vapor and place your lips is called a mouthpiece. Once you take a hit, the vapor needs to travel through the airflow into the mouthpiece and finally in your mouth, ready to be breathed in.

They're constructed, so the tip fits nicely into any mouth, and the design is meant to give a smoother hit! It also makes the vape pen resemble a pipe, so it's pretty straightforward for veteran smokers. Another name given to the mouthpiece is a drip tip, and they can come in two types, depending on what kind of tanks they're attached to, so a mouthpiece can be either 510 or 810 drips!

If you're more of a stealth vaping fan, you will enjoy the 510 tips since they have a smaller airflow. This means you'll get smaller vapor clouds, perfect if you're looking for discreteness. The other type, or the 810 mouthpiece tip, is specifically designed for those who love to create an entire vapor cloud. These match with a bunch of cannabis oils and THC extracts that aid in creating a full-blown cloud of vapor.

The Battery 

You won't have your vape pen's life force without a battery, so think of it as the vaper's beating heart that keeps it from dying. You should also remember to take care of it properly and charge it whenever necessary.

The battery is the power source that helps you get to that delicious vapor; without it being charged, you won't be able to vape. Every vape pen uses stored electricity in its battery that is later turned into heat! This is what vaporizes each flower, extract, or oil, transforming it into your beloved vapor! 

Since vape batteries can exist in various sizes and shapes, whether meant for a slim pen or a thick unit, all batteries have one thing in common – they're made of lithium-ion. Almost every vape pen carries a battery made from lithium-ion, and this is because they have a high endurance and energy density. This means that a vape pen's battery endures the high temperatures necessary for vaping.

If you own a rechargeable vape, you must have an accompanying charger with a USB port. A vape pen's battery can be charged in two ways: by screwing on the threads or plugging the USB charger into the battery.

The battery is also connected with other features of your vape pens, such as buttons, sensors, or other electronics. Through the battery, you control the temperature and how much time is spent on heating, customization, etc. 

The battery can also be interchangeable or locked in place.

Like more extensive vape mods, those with removable batteries usually charge one battery while using the other simultaneously. The best advice is to buy a battery that works best with your vape device, and you can find two basic types of batteries:

  1. Internal (built inside the vape)
  2. External (removable) 


The Cartridge or Tank 

Also called the vape's chamber, the cartridge is fundamental to every pen's function and construction. The vape tanks basically hold the vaping material, the oil, extracts, or dry herbs. These vape chambers suit different functions depending on the material present, and that's why cartridges are the name given to vapes with a disposable chamber. If the vape is refillable, then the chamber is called a tank.

Some tanks can be magnetically reattached or twisted on, but not all are removable. You can call the cartridge a chamber if you're vaping a cannabis concentrate or any kind of dry herb. Every experienced vaping fan will know what you're referring to, whichever name you pick. The vape chamber is placed on the top of the vape pen, and it's what turns the vape juice into vapor. 

Smaller or mini vape pens don't even have a chamber at all because the vaping material is loaded directly into the heating element.

The Atomizer 

The heating element or the atomizer is the part of your vape pen that turns the battery power into vaporizing heat. Vaping materials like herbs, oils, and extracts are turned into delicious vapor!

If you own a wax or oil vape pen, you should know that the atomizer has a set of coils present in its structure. Depending on your pen, they're usually wrapped around a ceramic or cotton wick. Atomizers are housed in steel or ceramic to protect your vaping material. You get the power from the coil. Once it turns red, it vaporizes any wax or oily material!

Other vape pens don't have a coil in their atomizer, which means the heat comes indirectly without causing a boiling heating point! Vape pens that vaporize dry herbs and flowers work differently since they use the battery to generate heat. The atomizer is usually found inside the vape pen's chamber, tank, or cartridge.

There's also another type of atomizer that is more affordable than the others, and it's the cotton wick atomizer. This one is surrounded by a metal coil and can cause a burning sensation and aftertaste. 

The ceramic atomizers have grown in popularity over the last few years because of their retention and higher voltage capability! Quartz land in the second place since they do not excel in heat retention. 

Power Buttons and Sensors 

Since most vape pens turn on once you inhale, many get pleasantly surprised when they see buttons on their device. Some vapes require a power button push to start the sensor, which will alarm the atomizer to start the heating process and release your much-needed vapor.

If you own a vape that's automatically activated once you put your mouth on the mouthpiece, you could easily fall victim to accidental activation while in your pocket or purse. That's why some vape pens have a power button that you'll need to press a couple of times (usually 5) to activate it and another five times to turn it off. The controls are a safety precaution, and keep your vaping secret to yourself.

You can also find temperature-setting buttons on different vape pens, through which you can navigate the heat, lowering or jumping it. Other controls include wattage buttons and mode settings. Some modern vape pens even have touchscreen displays, giving users access to various modes. 

USB Port Charger

If you own a rechargeable vape pen, you must have received a vape charger. The vape charger usually consists of a classic USB or USB-C port! You might find these cables familiar as the same can be used to charge cell phones, especially Android. 

Other Vape Pen Elements 

Not necessarily parts, but its modes and settings are integral to your vape pen's functions. Without them, you don't get a sustainable and satisfying vapor, and you won't be able to heat the
vaping material from which to get your vapor. Here's why modes and settings are essential in making your vaping experience better. 


Some modern vape pens come with numerous modes that allow users to customize according to their liking. The modes make the vaping experience much better, and the top modes are the power and temperature control modes. 

Temperature Settings 

The temperature settings are present on many vapes because they keep track of your device's heating. It's what keeps the vape from overheating and burning the battery coil. This is a great advantage for individuals who have just started vaping and might find it hard to understand how to set it. 

If you overheat your vape pen, it will most likely stop producing vapor. This will last a few minutes until the pen cools to its average temperature. 

Volt or Watt Settings 

Watt or Volt settings are usually the primary methods to customize your vape pen's vapor output. If you're allowed to control the amount of power passing through your atomizer, you can create either thin or thicker vapor clouds. 

If your vape pen is set on a higher wattage, it will result in more vapor. Higher wattage settings are also recommended for experienced vapers who like to do tricks. Lower volts or wattages give you stronger flavor and aftertaste, especially if you're into nic salts! 

How To Choose The Right Vape Pen 

You're already one step closer to picking out your true vape pen soulmate simply by trying to learn more about its components. Since you're interested in how your vapor is created, what controls navigate it into your mouth, how it's powered and how to manage it, you already know what you're looking for, and it has to be something that has all the previous boxes checked out!

You're already on a path towards an exquisite vaping experience, plus you're making the right decision for your health. Regardless of what you want to vape, whether herbs, concentrates, salts or oils, a vape pen should satisfy your needs, be easy to steer, and come with all parts intact!

Once you learn all the functions responsible for your beloved vapor, you can start browsing for the perfect vape pen and find it in the best online vape store! Your perfect vape pen is waiting for you, just around the corner, and you can meet your perfect match if you look at our impressive selection.