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Provape is more than your ultimate vaping destination. It’s where you get your news. Here at Provape, we believe in the importance of staying current on the latest trends and global news related to vaping. Read all about the flavor ban and learn how vaping is affecting the youth. We strive to educate you on the latest news while offering you the best products on the market. So take a look around and learn something.

  1. Michigan’s Governor's Eagerness Could Cost Vapers

    The attack on vaping comes twofold as an unrelated bill from the state legislature includes a tax and law ordering the formulation of a list of illegally available products. Both the bill and the attempted ban on flavors jeopardize the availability and affordability of vaping products however, the governor's pressing flavor ban trumps the pending bill.

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  2. Physicians Must Understand the Actual Risk of Nicotine

    After a recent study in the Internal Journal of Medicine, specialists believe that after lifelong smoking habits adapt, your body can begin to fail causing heart disease and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Over 80 percent of doctors believe nicotine contributes these human body malfunctions causing cancer or even death. 

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  3. All Products Must Have A PreMarket Tobacco Application Authorization

    According to recent postings, “To this effect, on March 30th the agency filed a request for a 120-day extension on the deadline, and on April 3rd, Judge Paul Grimm of the United States District Court for the District of Maryland agreed to the request, moving the deadline to September 9th, 2020.” As of last week, all applications must have been turned in to the FDA to become approved, or else all their items not registered will be withdrawn from the United States market.

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  4. No final decisions have been made

    As of last week, Juul Labs announced they will be letting go of more than half of their employees. Juul spokesman said in a statement, “No final decisions have been made and we will continue to go through our evaluation process.” These cuts are aimed to let go of nearly 1,200 staff members causing more Americans to become unemployed.

    Due to not yielding enough returns, Juul Labs are also contemplating holding its sales in Europe and Asia. Sou

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  5. Vaping Companies May Continue Selling For Now

    US sellers of vape products are obligated to submit an FDA premarket PTMA application if they plan on selling hardware, flavors or, nicotine-based products to consumers. Lawmakers encouraged the FDA to ban flavors unless there was proven evidence that flavors helped adults quit smoking and didn't encourage youth to use flavors.

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  6. Stanton Glantz Retires after 45 years against Anti-Tobacco

    Glantz is a dedicated anti-tobacco and anti-vaping activist that has extended most of his research towards advocating for public smoking bans and nonsmokers' rights. In January 2018 Glantz retired as the principal investigator at UCSF’s center for tobacco research and education control.

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  7. Youth Vaping Drops for the First Time in Three Years

    For the first time in three years, youth vaping has dropped significantly. Since the pandemic occurred, vaping flavored nicotine became a trend that affected the health of many. Many high school and middle schoolers were the main target in the rise of flavored nicotine sales, and government officials began to take action by banning all flavored nicotine e-cigarettes in select states.

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  8. Washington state Attorney General Bob Ferguson sues JUUL

    JUUL has continuously been a vaping target for all government officials. More and more lawsuits are being filed as Juul intentionally aimed their products to underage consumers. Most recently, Washington State Attorney General, Bob Ferguson, filed a lawsuit Wednesday against Juul claiming that they are the biggest vaping company that targets underage users

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  9. Montana Health Dept. Backs Down, Drops Flavor Ban

    Finally, some good news for the vapers in Montana. The state health department is dropping their proposed rule that would have banned face to face sales of flavored vaping products. This ban has made a huge impact on many states including California, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, and Rhode Island.

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  10. California Flavor Ban Passes

    The California Assembly passed SB 793, a bill that bans the sale of flavored vaping products in brick and mortar stores. If the bill becomes a law, the sales of flavored smokeless tobacco, menthol cigarettes, and small cigars will also be banned.

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  11. California Flavor Ban Final Hearing is August 18th

    On August 18th the Health Committee of the California Assembly will hold their final hearing about SB 793. This bill is intended to ban all tobacco products including e-liquids and other flavored vaping products.

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  12. Top 5 Vaping Apps

    Thanks to the growth process of the vaping industry, the amount of vaping apps that are now available for Androids and iPhones has risen tremendously over the past couple of years. There over 100 apps available, even an app for the most discerning vaper.

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