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SKWEZED - Vape E-liquid Brand

Skwezed is an e-liquid brand for the real juice heads out there. No, we’re not talking about vapers who use steroids, we’re talking about people who know the difference, in a vape, between Fuji apple and a Red Delicious. The people who can identify the region in which a grapefruit was picked by just smelling it. For those people, Skwezed is an absolute godsend.

While a lot of vape companies are busy trying to figure out how they can make increasingly complicated flavors out of 42 different things, Skwezed has taken the opposite approach: refining and purifying their vape juice until it provides you with an incredibly delicious and authentic fruit flavor. Their product line includes flavors like Green Apple, Mango, and Lychee. And those are the actual names of their juice. No gimmicky names or loud designs; Skwezed knows its juice can stand up on its own merits. Try any one of their realistic juice flavors and you’ll immediately understand the hype. Hitting a vape filled up with Skwezed vape juice is the closest you can get to just going out and biting into your favorite fruit IRL. Trust us, it’s that good.