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Cannabis has many different names. Whether you know it as bud or ganja its popular effects are known and sought after worldwide. Cannabis is a drug derived from Indian hemp plants such as cannabis Sativa, and cannabis Indica. THC is the main active ingredient in Cannabis. It’s components give the “high” that most people associate with Cannabis. CBD is another component of Cannabis it doesn’t produce the “high” that THC does, yet it helps reduce inflammation, ease nausea, pain, and has a host of other healing properties. Cannabis has a range of both short and long-term effects that can be beneficial to its user.

  1. Medicinal Cannabis May Play a Significant Role During COVID-19

    The medical name for coronavirus is called a SARS-COV-2 virion meaning a single virus particle. It's in the same family as the SARS and MERS infections. COVID-19 is a zoonotic disease which means it is transferred from another species to a human body. Experts pinpoint the origin of COVID-19 to Wuhan, China. It’s believed that bats are the carriers of SARS-COV-2’S and since bats are eaten in China this could have been the transference of coronavirus into the human body.

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  2. New Zealand sees first Medical Cannabis Conference

    The county is still oblivious to the full benefits of cannabis. Medical cannabis can be beneficial to patients, it will also boost the country's economy by creating exporting opportunities aiding in the country's GDP. New Zealand will operate its medical cannabis via GMP (Good manufacturing practice). This will preserve the quality of cannabinoid-based medicine. This extra safety precaution will ensure that medical staff are prescribing safe products.

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  3. Big Tobacco, Big Cannabis

    According to the fat cats of industry, cannabis is on the rise and tobacco is dead. We delve deep into these claims and take a look at a potential future outcome for the cannabis industry.

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