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Monthly Archives: November 2021

  1. Is Vaping Better for the Environment than Smoking?

    Vaping vs smoking

    Besides negatively impacting individual health, tobacco and nicotine also threatens the health of the environment. By failing to properly dispose of e-cigarettes and cigarette waste, toxic chemicals, heavy metals, and residual nicotine can pollute water, air, and land. In addition, studies have shown that cigarette and e-cigarette waste harms wildlife.

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  2. A Guide for Perfect Temperature Control Vaporizers

    Looking to get insights on the temperature control feature in vaporizers? If yes, then we have got you covered! Let’s understand Temperature Control Vaporizers! 

    What is temperature-controlled vaping?

    In vapes, temperature control (TC) prevents dry and burnt hits. The temperature stays the same throughout a drag-instead of getting warmer-giving a consistent vape e

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  3. Everything You Need to Know about Prefilled Pods and Cartridges

    Vaping is a booming industry with all the amazing equipment coming out. Those of you who are vape fans must be thoroughly enthralled by the new vape gadgets and the new flavors of e-liquid. You must also be wondering that what is a prefilled pod and what is a prefilled cartridge. There are two types of vaporizers, one is the Vaporizer Pod and the second is Vaporizer pen. Let’s have a look at prefilled pods and cartridges.


    Prefilled P

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