Starter Kits

For a perfect and easy vape session, starter kits have everything you will need. Starter kits contain all the essentials and basics needed for a device that works right out the box. 

Starter kits contain a mod, coils, tank, and replacement parts/pods that are needed for the device purchased.The only thing you need to add is a battery (if not included) and  your favorite vape juice to inhale delicious flavors followed by clouds of smoke. 

The Aspire Nautilus GT Kit and The Snowwolf 40W Taze Starter Kit is a great starter kit for any vaper featuring all the top of the line materials.

  1. Aspire Nautilus GT Kit Review

    The brand new Aspire Nautilus GT Kit takes vaping to a whole new level of an enhanced escape. The merge of two vape brand legends has developed a subsequent mouth-to-lung tank system. Aspire and Taifun presents the all-new NAUTILUS GT KIT.
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  2. Snowwolf 40W Taze Starter Kit Review

    The Snowwolf 40W Taze Starter Kit is a sleek compact portable kit by Snowwolf. The company has been known to create high-tech quality products since 2013.
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