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Founded in 2013, SnowWolf is already the world’s famous vape brand. SnowWolf offers out of this world products that are eye-catching with a signature style. SnowWolf offers a wide selection of kits, mods, atomizers and accessories with a little something for everyone. Learn about the best vape mods, starter kits, e-cigs, pods & more out right now!

  1. SnowWolf Wocket 25W Pod System Kit Review

    Starting with the pros, the flavor is top notch with the 0.7ohm coil, it delivers a nice cool vape and doesn’t overheat which is a major pro, nobody wants the burnt vape lip. Also, the clouds on the wocket shoot out especially vaped around 20W, it’s a cloud show. The display screen is a nice feature making it an immediate standout from it’s competitors like the Orion that boost the same size as the Wocket Pod also the top airflow is amazing, but its better suited for DL vaping or DL restrictive which

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  2. Snowwolf 40W Taze Starter Kit Review

    The Snowwolf 40W Taze Starter Kit is a sleek compact portable kit by Snowwolf. The company has been known to create high-tech quality products since 2013.

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  3. SnowWolf Wocket AIO Review

    Today, we will review a brand new vape from the folks at SnowWolf. Similar to the Orion in shape and size, the Wocket AIO brings its own uniqueness and strengths to the table.

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  4. SnowWolf MFENG 200W TC Starter Kit Review

    The wolf is back. This time, a chrome-plated wolf head hangs on its center baring fangs and red eyes. Will this quench your vaping cravings to their fullest?

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  5. SnowWolf Exilis Pod System Review

    SnowWolf's latest take on innovation with the Exilis Pod System. Did they achieve what they wanted? In this review, we'll discuss this unique pod system.

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