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Drip Tips

A good drip tip is one of the most under-rated elements of any vape tank. We spend a lot of time concerned with the coils inside, the juice capacity, the fill method, and even the aesthetics – but how often do we really stop to consider the drip tip. After all, this is the part that goes in your mouth and if it’s not comfortable, why not swap it out?

At ProVape, we believe in being a one-stop destination for all vapers. That includes considering the parts of your vape that you may not even have thought about. Drip tips come in a huge variety of styles, colors, and shapes to match the habits and preferences of any vaper out there. If you’ve recently picked up a vape and you love everything about it except for the fit of the drip tip, why not change your whole vaping experience by picking up a new one.

Sure, some vapes aren’t compatible with other drip tips. In that case, check our inventory to find a replacement for your specific tank. After all, drip tips aren’t exactly invulnerable to damage, especially the fancy resin ones that manufacturers are so fond of now. Once you’ve found a drip tip style that you like, it always pays to stock up. You never know when an unfortunate drop or other mishaps will render your mouthpiece unusable.

There’s no reason you shouldn’t customize every single element of your vape to your personal preferences. Pick up a new drip tip today.