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Check the newest items by Innokin and get to know their most trending products! Innokin is one of the most popular vape brands in the industry. They are known for their durable vapes, replacement coils, tanks, mods, kits, and more. Crafted from luxury materials, Innokin never lets you down with quality performance from all their items. They are constantly designing new products that feature the latest gadgets, so be sure to stay connected and discover their new creations.

  1. Innokin MVP5 Ajax Starter Kit

    The Innokin MVP5 Ajax Starter Kit has users raving and there's no question as to why. This vape is a creative and innovative way to manufacture an all purpose device. Users had a lot of good things to say regarding this product and only a few negatives. Let’s dive into the cons and see what users think. As most vapers know, the drip tip is a key aspect when it comes to smoking. The drip tip included with the Innokin MVP5 was not a hit.

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  2. Innokin Podin Pod Kit Review

    The Innokin Podin Pod vaporizer is the latest portable device by the Innokin brand. Innokin is well known for being a world leader in innovative vape and e-cigarette technologies.

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  3. Innokin Kroma-A Zenith Starter Kit Review

    Innokin finally brought two of their most popular devices together in one starter kit. The Kroma-A Mod is an integrated battery mod and the Zenith Tank is Innokin’s answer to Aspire’s MTL domination over the past several years.

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  4. Innokin Adept Zlide Starter Kit Review

    Teaming up with P. Busardo and the Vaping Greek, Innokin have set out to create the ultimate MTL kit – but have they succeeded?

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  5. Innokin Jem AIO Pen Kit Review

    Innokin have established themselves over the years as an excellent manufacturer for beginner devices. With a vast experience in creating MTL AIO devices, the Jem AIO Pen Kit has quite the legacy to live up to.

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  6. Innokin Plexar 100W Starter Kit Review

    The Plexar offers good coils, a pretty solid sub-ohm tank, and an incredible 100W mod. In addition to the affordable price point, this would make a great addition to your repertoire. There are some caveats though...

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  7. Innokin Gala Pod System Review

    An interesting pod system that features a "cigalike" experience with a hefty 2mL e-liquid reservoir and rechargeable 500mAh battery.

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  8. Innokin EQs Review

    The EQs brings back what made its predecessor great, but in this iteration, a smaller chassis is provided with a bigger battery, and a more aerodynamic design your hands will prefer to hold.

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  9. Innokin Z Biip AIO System Review

    Featuring yet another collaboration between Phil Busardo and Dmitri the Vaping Greek, Innokin brings the Z Biio AIO Pod System.

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