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ProVape presents the news, trends & changes affecting vapers worldwide. Get to know all the recent trending announcements about the vaping industry right here.

  1. Gottlieb: Friend or Foe?

    FDA's head honcho Scott Gottlieb has published an opinion piece in The Wall Street Journal addressing the current hysteria surrounding the discussion against vaping.

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  2. San Francisco, Home of Juul, Turns Its Back on Vaping

    San Francisco succeeds in banning all e-cigarette related products. The first city in the United States to achieve the unanimous decision for a full city-wide ban.

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  3. McConnell vs. Vaping

    Mitch McConnell announced his intent to raise the national minimum age for tobacco purchases (including, of course vape products) to 21.

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  4. HandCheck 1, 2... Is This Thing On?

    We’ve decided to create this blog as a way to keep our finger on the pulse of the vape scene. More importantly, we’re looking to use this space as a means of bringing the online vaping community together and creating a place for news, reader interaction, trends, and spotlight features.

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