Incredible Vaping Tips For Beginners

Vaping tricks represent half the fun of the whole vaping experience, and you should get to know them if you’re just starting to vape! Really, can you even call yourself an expert vaper without knowing the essential tips that make up the event! The world of vaping can be all kinds of confusing, and it’s crucial to be open-minded. You’ll need to learn a lot as there are many vaping tips for beginners. 

It can get overwhelming, considering there are a lot of vaping facts and hacks you didn’t know before. But you shouldn’t let that stop you. So, if you are new to vaping or just want to know how to advise your friends who want to transfer to it, continue down this detailed guide to vaping and all the accompanying tips and tricks! 

How To Vape For The First Time: Best Tips

If you’ve been considering vaping for some time now, you’ll likely transfer to it, and maybe you should. Vaping is the healthier alternative, and that’s a fact every newbie-vaper must know. Although healthier, vaping is not entirely harmless, but if you’re a committed smoker, there isn’t much that will change your opinion. 

This is because vaping requires heating materials and inhaling them, but the difference is that you don’t inhale much-more dangerous smoke, but rather vapor. But if you’re tired of puffing your cigarettes while your friends enjoy fluffy clouds of vapor, you’ll need to prepare and follow a few steps every beginner needs to go through. 

First, you’ll have to stay committed to that decision. Vaping isn’t the same as smoking, and it might not seem easy initially to get used to. The taste, the feel, the habitual behavior of lighting, inhaling and exhaling, and then finally stomping on the bud. It might be difficult to forget that you’re not holding a cigarette but a whole device, but it isn’t impossible. 

Nevertheless, if you purchase some premium e-juices, it’ll be like cigars never had a part in your everyday hood. The right e-juice can either make or break your entire vaping experience, not to mention influence your vape pen’s flavor. This is why the e-juice needs to be perfect for your taste when you first try vaping! Take your time to choose the right one, and don’t give up if you don’t get it at first.



Another thing to be wary of is determining your preferences or tastes. You should know what kind of vapor you’d be looking for, whether you’re more nicotine-dependent or want a sweeter flavor. Great flavor influencers are the PG and VG ingredients present in every e-juice. The VG carries the sweetened taste, while PG provides a stronger throat hit.

Once you determine the ideal ratio between them, you should pay attention to hygiene. Regularly cleaning your vape pen, chamber, tank, or replaceable cartridge is imperative to making your vaping experience as it should be. Every three times you vape, you should clean your vape device.

If you’re considering buying a rechargeable vape pen, make sure you have extra batteries. You don’t want to be halfway there on a trip and notice that your vape has a low battery or none whatsoever. This is why portable chargers and extra batteries are your lifesavers. 

Frequently changing e-liquids and flavors is a must if you’re trying to vape. You might have one flavor that is perfect for your individual likes, but after a few weeks of using the same flavor, you might develop a vaper’s tongue. This taste-related ailment usually happens if you overuse a single flavor, and the effects appear with the user not feeling the taste at all or the flavor feeling sour. 

The final thing necessary to know when just starting to vape is how to inhale, and here’s how you do it: 

  1. Place your mouth on the mouthpiece 
  2. Draw in vapor for 2-5 seconds 
  3. Breathe in the vapor; make sure you don’t swallow
  4. Exhale and empty your lungs 

What To Know Before Starting To Vape?

Transitioning to vaping isn’t for everybody, but anyone can get the hang of it if they try. It requires determination, focus and a few tricks to make the whole process easier. First and foremost, there are more than a few vape pens and e-cigarettes that are not the same. 

Both e-cigarettes and vape pens contain e-juices but fulfill widely different uses. There’s an essential distinction between e-cigarettes and multiple types of vapes, including vape pens, mods, and larger devices. 

E-cigarettes are usually disposable, and you can find them at gas stations since they do not excel when it comes to power. Pen modes and cigar-like devices might be more substantial, but they won’t satisfy a chain smoker. 

Vaping gets its popularity from vape mods since they allow you to make big puffy clouds everyone enjoys and can control the temperature, wattage, etc. Another thing to know is that vaping devices can be made for either mouth-to-lung or direct-to-lung functions. The name suggests that you must be careful how you inhale from each device, as they might offer different effects. 

Mouth-to-lung devices are the regular vape mods and e-cigarettes with the vapor gathering in your mouth, which you then breathe in deeply until you fill your lungs. The direct-to-lung devices have thinner vapors that go right into your lungs. 



After taking your first inhale, expect a few coughs, and know it’s normal. This is because you still don’t know the intensity and need time to get used to the inhaling for a specific vape device. You might also expect to be allowed to vape indoors. This is possible only at particular locations and if you see a sign allowing vaping. 

Like when you used to choose a pack of cigarettes and check the sides for potency, you should consider nicotine strengths for your vape device. Nicotine should be as important as flavor to you, and you’ll learn this when you pick out your first e-liquid. It refers to the amount of nicotine per millimeter present in your e-juice. 

You should easily decide if you judge nicotine based on how much you smoked before. Individuals who haven’t smoked ever should go for a 0mg/ml e-liquid, while light smokers can choose the 3mg/ml one. Heavy smokers can feel truly satisfied if they go for a 12-18 mg/ml e-liquid. As mentioned before, you should also measure your preferred VG/PG ratio. And finally, don’t forget to replace the coils inside every atomizer once in a while, especially if you begin to feel a difference in taste. 

How Often Should You Vape If You’re a Beginner?

Since you might cough the first time you vape, you shouldn’t try to go overboard during your first few tries. There’s no specific number on how often you should use the vape; it depends on how much you used to smoke, how your day is going, the occasion, the surroundings, etc. 

Vaping consists of everyday use for those who have gotten the hang of it. Those who are more social smokers may smoke on special occasions. The thing is to choose a way of vaping and make it your own! 

An average amount of each day is considered to be somewhere between 130 to 150 puffs! Of course, you can go higher or lower, but never up to outrageous numbers. Each person and their lives are different, so the number of vapes taken during the day varies from person to person. 

How Long Does It Take For Your Lungs To Heal from Vaping?

Although vaping is healthier than smoking, it still requires inhaling toxic fumes produced by a heating element. Since you know all about the guide to vaping parts, you know that when overused or abused, vaping devices can lead to devastating results, breathing difficulties, or lung issues. 

Healing from the vaping period starts right after you stop. Every time you repeat the action, you’ll be burying yourself deeper. This is why you should stop, and then after at least 2 weeks; you’ll start to feel lung improvement, especially if you can’t inhale deeply enough. 

After 14 days, the cough will gradually disappear and start to clean your lungs. By cleaning out your lungs, you’ll decrease the chances of infection. 


Common Vaping Mistakes To Avoid

Like all things we try for the first time, you’ll encounter many mistakes. But that’s okay; vaping takes time, and with experience, you’ll know vaping is like the back of your hand. One common mistake that novice vaping enthusiasts make is thinking they can vape just about anywhere. 

This means those who vape think the ‘forbidden-smoking’ sign doesn’t apply to them. Many places that demand respect for these rules don’t side with the vapers either. Some vape mods provide huge, puffy clouds of vapor and can draw negative attention from other people, especially in closed spaces. If you get a mini vape, you might produce thinner clouds, perfect for stealth vaping. Vaping from such a device might best suit smoking areas in closed places. 

Another mistake is not to ask for permission. If you’re visiting a friend or at a meeting, ask your environment whether you could vape. They’ll appreciate the request, and you’ll get to look like a bigshot. The most important piece of advice is never to charge your vape overnight, as it could ruin the battery or even destroy the device entirely. 

Other golden suggestions by other new vapers who have turned into recurring ones include: 

  1. Stay hydrated to avoid dryness of the mouth; 
  2. Water is your guardian against the vaper’s tongue;
  3. A bigger PG ratio can cause dehydration;
  4. Don’t vape incessantly; avoid chain vaping; 
  5. Don’t vape every few minutes; 
  6. Replace heating coils often to not end up with dry hits;
  7. Wait 30 seconds after each vape if you wish to take another;
  8. Don’t switch back and forth from vaping to smoking and vice-versa;
  9. If you think your e-liquid is lackluster in nicotine, switch to ones with a higher nicotine strength. 

Keep these tips in mind when you decide to transfer, and you’ll ensure to have one of the best vaping experiences, remembered for life. 

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Vaping Tips For Beginners: Conclusion 

Whether you spent half your life with a cigarette in your mouth or just love the little ritual that goes with every rolled joint, you can still enjoy vaping if you decide to devote yourself to it. 

Choosing to vape instead of smoke is the first step necessary to bettering your health, and it can genuinely turn into one incredible and exciting experience. Vaping adds flavor and vogue to the whole smoking thing and can be pretty enjoyable once mastered. You are given the power to choose anything from PV and VG ratios to e-liquids, flavors, sizes, and even types of exhaled clouds! If you’re looking to regain smoking back into your hands, vaping is the way to do it! 

When you decide to purchase a vape, make sure you like its look, research its functions, know its strengths and weaknesses and pick the right flavors! Looking for the best vapes for beginners to break into the vaping world? Look no further as we have everything you ever dreamed of regarding vaping tricks in our online vape shop

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