FAQ Series

ProVape presents the news, trends and changes affecting vapers worldwide. In the "FAQ Series" find the answers to the most-frequent questions about vapiing.

  1. Is It Safe To Vape During COVID-19?

    Unless you’ve been living under a literal rock you're familiar with the infamous Coronavirus that has turned the world on it’s back in less than a 5 month span. Everything is shut down, people are out of jobs, losing homes, some even lose their lives; in a nutshell, life as we know it is a hot blistering mess.
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  2. E liquid vs Vape Juice: Is there a difference?

    If you’re a vaping newbie who just landed on the scene and would like to understand the difference between e-liquid, vape juice, and pod juice – we will clarify the distinctions in this post.
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  3. FAQ: What is CBD? What are the CBD Oil Benefits?

    So, what is CBD? CBD, or cannabidiol, is a relatively new compound which is found in the cannabis plant alongside THC, the drug which first brought marijuana into the spotlight of human attention.
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  4. FAQ: Is CBD a Drug?

    CBD is a useful substance with some extremely promising medical applications. While we wait for federal lawmakers to catch up with modern science, it’s essential that you use CBD with extreme caution.
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  5. Vape Nicotine Levels: Which One to Choose?

    In our FAQ series, we delve deep into the most common questions. Today we analyze e-liquid strength and help you choose which nicotine level you'd fare best with.
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