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starter kit

Check out the latest vaping starter kit reviews from the wolrd-leading brands on ProVape blog. High-quality products, affordable prices and fast shipping!

  1. iJoy Shogun Univ Starter Kit Review

    The Shogun boasts attractive resin panels and an ergonomic design. But how does it truly fare under scrutiny? We placed it under the microscope and revealed a few things we'd like to discuss.

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  2. CoilART Lux 200W Starter Kit Review

    CoilART has created a truly magnificent-looking product with some exciting color schemes available for purchase. In today's review, we take it for a spin and give you all our pros and cons. You'll be surprised...

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  3. OBS Cube 80W Starter Kit Review

    With 80 watts of power, a basic menu screen, and a conveniently built-in battery, there’s actually quite a lot in this box without being overwhelming. So let’s open this thing up, find out what’s going on inside, and kick it over to the reviews for a final judgement.

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