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Wismec has been a staple in the e-cigarette industry for years, quietly flying under the radar but well-known for their signature products.  Wismec offers products that are loaded with high-tech innovation, boasting grand performances. Wismec’s goal is to provide rich vaping experiences to vapers across the globe. The brand's foundation starts with a dedicated team that strives to create products with both superior looks and functions. Wismec offers a wide variety of products including, kits, mods, pods, tanks, coils, and accessories with a shining quality you won't find anywhere else.

  1. Wismec Luxotic DF Box 200W Kit Review

    So maybe the Luxotic didn’t exactly re-invent squonking from the ground up, but this kit is overall pretty decent. Reviews definitely had some variation between them, but it’s safe to say that if the Luxotic DF is interesting to you, it wouldn’t be a bad investment. Let’s break down the pros and cons, beginning, as always, with the negative side of things.

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  2. Wismec Motiv 2 Pod System Kit Review

    Here we go! I see the vaporizer, two pods, a microUSB charging cable, and your typical user manual. Makes me happy to see a spare pod every time I unleash one of these pod systems into the world. Companies that cheap out on this aspect always stick with me, and I tend to become more critical of anything they do. Wismec is relatively unknown in comparison to the vaping giants but way to stay in somebody’s radar. An unknown writer trapped in his own little world. One person at a time, though; that’s the

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  3. Wismec Sinuous V80 Starter Kit Review

    The Wismec Sinuous V80 device is powered by a single 18650 rechargeable battery, It can easily output 80W and features the well known Avatar chipset. It contains an OLED 0.91 inch display with the amor NSE tank that includes bottom airflow control. The Wismec Sinuous V80 looks good and vapes even better, from the very first look at its translucent exterior it takes you back to those Nintendo days when translucent anything was all the rage. Getting back to the mod, it’s a dream come true.

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