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Get to know the newest and the most trending vaping product reviews from Vaporesso. Learn about the best vape mods, starter kits pods & more out right now!

  1. Vaporesso Osmall 11W Pod System Kit Review

    The Vaporesso OSMALL pod system is a petite and lightweight pod system. The OSMALL is ultra-slim, it fits into your hands comfortably, it’s chassis is crafted of a sturdy PCTG plastic material. It’s a button-free device that does all the work for you. The OSMALL offers tiny LED light indicators near the rear panel that light up during charging, vaping and when removing the pod. The magnetic connection keeps the cartridge in place when reconnected.

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  2. Vaporesso XIRON 50W pod system Kit Review

    The Vaporesso XIRON pod system features a rugged design, it’s crafted to be durable and reliable according to Vaporesso, it certainly looks bullet proof but isn’t waterproof or rustproof,  Vaporesso, you should have included the IP67 for an added layer of durability, but meh it still looks cool. The device is actually quite small, which makes it a terrific compact pod for travel. It has a nice amount of weight to it, but won’t weigh you down. It feels quite comfortable and includes an OLED displa

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  3. Vaporesso Target PM80 Review

    The VaporessoTarget PM80 is a sophisticated and compact kit by Vaporesso. Vaporesso is a leader in the vaping industry, having a long history in the business starting out in the prehistoric year of 2006.

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  4. Vaporesso Tarot Baby Starter Kit Review

    Today we review a portable kit with the versatility of a larger, more powerful device. It boasts a built-in 2500mAh battery, an NRG SE tank, and two included coils. Let's find out more --

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  5. Vaporesso Revenger 220W Starter Kit Review

    Today, we review a very powerful starter kit. It's a blast from the past (2017) and somehow remains on the lips of 2019 vapers. Here's what makes this kit stay relevant.

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  6. Vaporesso Nexus AIO Pod System Review

    We review another pod system. This time, we take an in-depth look at a Vaporesso product called "Nexus." We take it for a test.

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