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  1. Vandy Vape Bonza Mechanical Kit

    The Bonza Mechanical Kit is a much-anticipated collaboration between Vaping Bogan and Vandy Vape. For those who may not know, the Bonza Mech Kit is one of Vandy Vape’s older flagship devices held in high esteem by many experienced vapers. This new version represents a collaboration with Vaping Bogan in an effort to update and improve upon a time-tested design. If you’re into mech mods, this surely piques your interest, so let’s find out if it lives up to the hype.


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  2. Can I Vape Around My Pets?

    Is it safe to vape around pets? Is Fido safe from harm? The answer is: it depends. Let’s steer clear from the fearmongering rhetoric here. I was tempted to use a scary headline about how vaping is killing your furry best friend, but we’re all past that. Leave that to the non-vapers pushing their political agendas by banning hobbies they don’t bother to understand.


    But I digress, let’s head back to the main road. Is vaping safe around pets? Let’s start wit

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  3. Smok Nord Pod System

    You know ‘em, you love ‘em (or you hate ‘em), Smok is one of the most iconic vape brands out there, bar none. Among their latest pod systems is this little guy: the Nord. The slightly bigger cousin of their Novo Pod System, this one features a firing button, full compatibility with their Nord coil line, and a sleek little portable package. When pod systems of all description are a dime a dozen, does the Nord stand above the rest or does it get lost in the shuffle? We’ll get to the bottom of thin

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  4. SMOK INFINIX Ultra-Portable Pod System

    Let’s talk about one of the most portable pod systems out there. This pod boasts fantastic portability, long-lasting endurance, and terrific performance. The INFINIX is an extremely popular pod system for a reason. It may resemble the JUUL or the PHIX, but ultimately, it stands on its own two feet. The comparisons shouldn’t dilute its quality. In fact, it should shed a light on the qualities which make it stand out above the rest.


    Users love it because it’s easy to trap

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  5. Joyetech Magic Atopack

    The Magic Atopack by Joyetech is a pretty interesting take on the old familiar pod system. By now, we’re all pretty jaded when it comes to these little pod systems. Is one of them really any better than another when they all include basically the same features and minor variations on an identical form factor? At least the Magic Atopack offers something a

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  6. “Vaping Can Help You Quit Smoking” Says Harvard Medical School

    According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC),16 million people in the U.S. are currently living with smoking-related illnesses. Nobody is surprised that tobacco is responsible for more than 7 million deaths per year worldwide.


    As we all know, cigarettes cause lung disease, diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and plenty more.

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  7. Geek Vape Aegis Mini Starter Kit

    The Aegis Mini Starter Kit by Geek Vape is a nice compact version of their popular Aegis Legend mod, widely touted as one of the most indestructible vape devices of all time. It’s very small, portable, and undeniably rugged – but does it hold up to our highest vape standards? Read on to learn every las

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  8. $24.8 Million Grant: First Study to Examine Long-Term Effects of Vaping

    As of 2019, there hasn’t been a wide variety of studies regarding vaping and the long-term impact on lungs and overall health. The effects of habitually inhaling and exhaling vapor are not yet known or fully understood, and studies focusing primarily on adult lung-health have yet to be conducted – until now.


    Northwestern University at Chicago has been awarded

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  9. Ohio Representative Joyce Beatty Calls Attention to “My Life, My Quit” in Bizarre Tweet

    Now, I’ve never heard of Joyce Beatty in my life, nor do I pay any attention to Ohio’s local politics, but this latest tweet certainly captured my attention as it went viral on Tuesday.

    With each word in this tweet, Rep. Beatty (or some member of her staff) sapped a little bit more of my will to live. By the time I reached the triple 100-emojis, I was clinging to life by a bare thread. I sat staring at my phone in mute horror as time slipped by, finally snapping out of my haze wit

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  10. VEIIK Airo Pod Kit

    Here we have yet another pod kit. Despite the similarity with other pods out there, this one performs elegantly in its own unique way. If you’ve tried and tested dozens of kits, like I have – then you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.


    Have you ever found solace in one device, and after upgrading for a more expensive prospect, you caught yourself missing the old one? I have experienced the same thing. Some pods have their unique charm. I’ve sank the gallons of Kool-A

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  11. SnowWolf MFENG 200W TC Starter Kit Review

    Table of Contents:

    • Introduction
    • Specs and Features
    • First Impression
    • Professional Opinions
    • Pros and Cons
    • Conclusion




    The SnowWolf MFENG is an eccentric starter kit. A chrome-plated wolf head hangs on its center, baring fangs and red eyes. Your vaping expectations will get stabbed by the miracle of wilderness

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  12. iJoy Captain Resin Kit

    Well… there’s a lot to be said here and I think that once you get through the pros and cons, you’ll have a pretty clear picture of what’s going on. Can’t really say much up top without giving it all away, so… without further ado, here’s the Captain Resin Kit by iJoy.



    • Dimensions: 8 x 57.9 x 31 mm
    • TC Range: 200 – 600F
    • Juice Capacity:0mL / 6
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  13. Asvape Touch Pod System

    This epic pod system is an innovative take on the regular pod kit. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill device; this is a cutting-edge product. I think you will enjoy it.


    The advanced mechanism in this pod system provide short-circuit, open circuit, low voltage, and overheating protection. Considering the touch screen capabilities, I am glad there are protection parameters in place. You don’t want an overheating problem to cause a malfunction, or worse.


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  14. MEDO Pod Starter Kit

    The time has come to seek out a pod system. An easy-to-operate vape you can enjoy without complicated functions. Whether you’re a beginner or not, it’s always useful to keep a pocket-sized device handy. I think you’re going to love this!


    The Medo Pod Starter Kit offers the quintessential set-up for the beginner vaper. And if you’re an experienced user with many years under your belt, this can also be a great addition to your repertoire. It features a classy, sleek look an

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  15. Zeltu X Pod Review

    In a world where pod systems are a dime a dozen, it really takes something special to stand out from the pack. By all accounts, it looks like the Zeltu X Pod System has done exactly that. For a pod system by a company with no real footprint on the scene, though, is this pod system too bold? Have they bitten off more than they can chew by designing this striking form factor or does it hold up to its classy brushed metal finish? If the suspense is killing you, feel free to skip straight to the end.

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  16. Eleaf iJust 21700 Starter Kit

    The popular iJust series has a new sibling. This is the coolest-looking lightweight starter kit you’ve been waiting for. It doesn’t matter if you’re starting out or if you already have experience under your belt, this device will quench your expectations. If you love stick mods, this is a must-have.


    This pen-style device boasts a 21700 battery and a color-splashed ELLO duro tank. The drip tip matches the tank and provides a sexy, metallic look. Also compatible with 18650

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  17. Geek Vape Flint MTL Starter Kit

    The Flint MTL Starter Kit by Geek Vape might just be the perfect kit for people looking to bridge the gap between pod systems and larger vape kits. The Flint is a small, discreet device not much larger than your average pod system, but includes replaceable coils, adjustable airflow, and variable voltage settings. With all these settings and a 950mAh battery, it’s definitely surprising to find that the Flint comes in smaller than 100mm in height and fits right in the palm of your hand. While a

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  18. A $1 Tax Increase on Traditional Cigarettes Boosts Vaping by 9.7%

     The number of smokers replacing traditional cigarettes with vaping devices is rapidly increasing, and not for the reason you’d expect. Health isn’t the main concern according to recent statistics. High taxes on traditional cigarettes are pushing smokers into purchasing e-cigarettes.


    In a recent study, published by the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER), it was shown that an inc

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  19. Smoant Pasito AIO Kit

    The Pasito AIO Kit by Smoant might just be the answer to a bunch of peoples’ prayers. You’ve all been clamoring for a rebuildable option with these ever-popular pod systems and it seems like Smoant was listening. We’ve got another Orion-style device, with the walkie-talkie form factor, but it’s got a lot more going on than some of the earlier copycat systems out there. With adjustable wattage, adjustable airflow, and three different coil options (including the RBA), you’ve got a heck of a star

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  20. Dr. Scott’s Latest Ethics-Defying Stunt

     For those concerned about the financial and emotional wellbeing of Dr. Scott Gottlieb in the wake of his departure from the FDA, it’s comforting to learn that he has found a new home. Dr. Gottlieb has safely and comfortably landed on the board of directors at pharmaceutical giant Pfizer. Pfizer is the company perhaps most singularly synonymous with Big Pharma in America, famous for holding patents to Viagra and Chantix.


    The move comes only weeks after Scott Gottlieb a

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  21. Aspire Spryte AIO Pod Kit

    The Aspire Spryte AIO Pod Kit is a unique device. If you’re looking for a vape that stands out, then this is what you’re looking for. You can choose two different pod sizes – 2mL or 3.5mL. It’s one of the most portable, versatile vaping kits out there.


    The kit includes two coils: 1.2 ohm and 1.8 ohm. Ideal for discreet vaping, both coils provide excellent flavor and rich vapor you will love to smoke all day. The pen-like design allows it to fit comfortably in your pocket,

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  22. Vermont Exploits a 92% Tax on E-Cigarettes

    Monday, July 1, 2019 – Following San Francisco’s ban of e-cigarette sale and distribution, the state of Vermont has successfully imposed a 92% tax on all e-cigarettes. State Rep. George Till, who sponsors this bill, claims to have moved forward with the tax in an effort to curb youth vaping.


    Till believes a price hike will dissuade you

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  23. Eleaf iJust 3 w/ Ello Duro Starter Kit

    The iJust 3 Starter Kit by Eleaf is their latest offering in a long line of iJust products, now featuring two new coils, a big 6.5mL capacity on the Ello Duro tank, and that famous stick shape the iJust has become known for. It’s also available in some very flashy colors, typical of Eleaf, but is otherwise a very simple and standard stick-style vape device. These handy vape tubes have become popular among beginners and veterans alike, but will the iJust 3 become another excellent option from E

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  24. VooPoo Finic Fish Pod System


    This pod system looks like it belongs with the Manta ray species. Warning, though; this pod isn’t waterproof - just wanted to get that out of the way. Despite all this, the fish-like shape allows it to sit comfortably in the palm of your hand. If it’s something you will constantly use, why not make it ergonomic?


    Don’t let its size trick your expectations. This kit includes the GENE.Pod chip for voltage protection and control. It also boasts a 350mAh batte

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  25. Nebraska Nicotine Testing

    While most of the nation has been watching San Francisco as it enacts regressive anti-vaping measures, a small county in Nebraska has caught the eye of the American Civil Liberties Union as it seeks to implement nicotine testing in its school district.


    Fairbury, Nebraska is a small community of only 4,000 people. Its entire school district includes less than 1,000 students, including the 383 students enrolled in grades 7-12. It’s these students that school officials are t

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  26. Gottlieb: Friend or Foe?

    On Monday, the outgoing FDA capo Scott Gottlieb published an opinion piece in The Wall Street Journal to address the climate surrounding vaping in America. In the maelstrom surrounding San Francisco’s impending e-cigarette ban, Gottlieb’s piece comes off as a friendly, rational counterpoint to the hysteria driving lawmakers in Northern California – or does it?


    While the piece, entitled “The FDA’s Challenge on E-Cigs”, contains some decent and well-articulated points, the

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  27. Orchid IQS Pod System

    Another day, another pod system! But the Orchid is, of course, not just another pod system. Sure, they all claim to offer something new, different, and exciting, but it’s clear from the first glance that the Orchid has very obviously brought at least one new thing to the pod system table, namely it’s full-featured chipset and box mod style LED screen. If you’re looking for a pod system which offers full control over your vape experience, this is really the only

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  28. England Takes Progressive Approach to Vaping

    A recent study shows that vaping is 95% less harmful than traditional cigarette smoking; British health services push to re-educate public in light of rising skepticism, in sharp contrast to the response of American health professionals and lawmakers


    While American media and lawmakers seek to demonize and outlaw vaping, our British counterparts are taking an entirely different approach to the matter. Not only are they conducting studies to help educate

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  29. Aspire PUXOS 100W Starter Kit

    The aspiring vaper does not long to get confused with a myriad of bells and whistles. There is a time for that, eventually, but you must start somewhere. What better way to do so than with an incredibly light-weight and intuitive starter kit?


    The word Puxos derives from the Portuguese word meaning “push.” Aspire provides this much-needed push for you to hit the ground running. With Aspire’s exacting craftsmanship, you can count on it to satisfy your expectations. However, let’s

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  30. Beginner Series – Batteries

    Okay, so you’ve finally decided to take the plunge and upgrade from AIO systems to the big leagues – replaceable battery mods. Whether you’re rocking a tube mod like the Nunchaku or a more sophisticated box mod like the SMOK Morph 219, it’s time to look into picking out batteries. I know that when I first started, the staggering amount of options on the market were a bit overwhelming to say the least. Add in all the jargon and electrical terminology and it was borderline hopeless.


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  31. Vandy Vape Berserker MTL Starter Kit

    Vandy Vape Berserker MTL Starter Kit

    When it comes to MTL tube-style devices, we’ve pretty much been stuck with the Innokin and Aspire options for a while now. Not that there’s anything wrong with these kits – they’re actually pretty darn good at what they do – but competition breeds innovation, so here we are: the Vandy Vape Berserker MTL Starter Kit. Is this the challenger to the throne that we’ve all been waiting for? Or will the Berserker run aground, brought low

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  32. San Francisco, Home of Juul, Turns Its Back on Vaping

    San Francisco, Home of Juul, Turns Its Back on Vaping


    In a particularly alarming turn of events, San Francisco is set to become the first city in the United States to completely ban the sale of e-cigarettes of any kind. This move is the latest assault on vaping, following years of sustained propaganda and fearmongering against the vaping industry by both media and Big Tobacco.


    Just last week, San Francisco’s board of supervisors t

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  33. SMOK Trinity Alpha Kit

    This is where we’d insert the typical “Orion-killer” rhetoric for the clickbait value, but we’re above all that here at HandCheck, so let it suffice to say that yes, this is another Orion-style pod system. This kit includes replaceable coils and is compatible with the new Nord coils that Smok is working into a lot of their portable options nowadays. It’s nice and compact with a sizeable 1000mAh battery and holds almost 3.0mL of e-liquid. So, I guess the only question to ask is… does th

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  34. iJoy Shogun JR Starter Kit

    iJoy Shogun JR Starter Kit

    So the Shogun JR by ijoy: let’s talk about it. If you’ve seen this bad boy, you remember it. It’s got some serious appeal going on in the looks department, but can it deliver? Is there more going on behind the scenes with this starter kit than just those striking resin panels and brushed bronze finishing? There was once a time when you’d never know until you tried it, but thanks to Handcheck, those days are over! We’ve gone to the pros,

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  35. iPHA Zing Pod System

    Ipha Zing Pod System

    The Zing Pod System by iPHA is the follow-up to their moderately popular Swis System. The all-new Zing is a tiny, ultra-portable vape kit designed specifically for stealth vaping at low wattages. In fact, this tiny device only puts out a maximum of 10W. On the other hand, it also utilizes sub-ohm coils to provide a little bit more “oomph” in your hits. Sound interesting? Let’s hear from the critics!

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  36. From Pods to AIOs

    From Pods to AIOs


    In the world of beginner devices, there is a whole spectrum through which you can pass. Typically, the progression goes something like this: cigarettes -> cig-a-likes -> closed pod systems -> open pod systems -> AIO devices. While this is obviously not everyone’s experience, it’s common enough that it’s probably a decent way to understand the reasoning behind switching from one to the

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  37. VooPoo Drag Nano Kit

    VooPoo Drag Nano Kit

    The Drag Nano Kit by VooPoo is basically the miniaturized version of their ever-popular Drag mod, complete with the giant “DRAG” logo across one entire side. As an ultra-portable device, this is a draw-activated system with high-resistance coils and small pods and that’s about it! It’s a tiny device, it looks like the Drag mod by VooPoo and it’s super portable, so do the reviewers like it? Read on to find out!

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  38. Aspire Tigon Starter Kit

    Aspire Tigon Starter Kit

    The Tigon Starter Kit by Aspire is a mid-level stick-style vape device with an integrated battery. While we’re seeing a lot these devices trend towards DTL-only vaping, the Tigon straddles that middle ground, providing you with the option for both MTL and DTL vaping. They’ve even gone so far as to include two separate drip tips for each style. If you’re looking for a versatile and portable stick device, the A

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  39. Innokin EQs

    Innokin EQs
    The EQs by Innokin is the follow-up to their super-popular EQ pod system. Using the same coils as its predecessor, the EQs streamlines the form factor of the EQ with a smaller chassis, bigger battery, and more ergonomic design. It also features three variable wattage modes for that little bit of extra control over your vaping experience. In the crowded ultra-portable pod system market, how does this new offering fare? Our

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  40. Sense Sidekik

    Sense Sidekik

    The Sidekik by Sense is an all-new AIO, pod-style system. Many of these reviewers aptly described this device as a likely competitor to the Smok Novo system, given its similar form factor. The Sidekik is a small, highly portable MTL device with a small integrated battery and replaceable coil pods. Available in a variety of attractive, minimalist designs, the Sidekik is an elegant-looking device… but how does it hold u

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