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Blogs of Box Mods

Discover all the Box Mods ProVape has in stalk. Carrying high end vape mods, their selection range includes VooPoo X217 Box Mod, VooPoo Drag Mini Kit, Rincoe MechMan 228W Starter Kit, KangerTech Ranger 200W Starter Kit, VooPoo Drag 2 177W Kit, Uwell Hypercar Kit, and much more! Box Mods are most favorable because they are designed in a box kit, making it more roomy for more batteries. This helps your device last longer by having a longer battery life, and its design is small to fit the batteries making it more accessible to take it with you anywhere you go. Box Mods gives you the ability to customize your vaping experience with temperature control, wattage display, and flavor choice. They also deliver bigger vape hits that follow with thick and dense clouds to maximize your vaping experience. Get yours today at!

  1. VooPoo X217 Box Mod Review

    Contention is a gentle word for what the reviews allude to with this little guy. We place this under the microscope for a closer look to analyze if the battle of the subjective is worth the while. Let's find out --
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  2. Rincoe MechMan 228W Starter Kit Review

    We place this big guy under the magnifying glass and analyze its features. We explore to see if it truly delivers an experience worthy of a 228W of power.
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  3. VooPoo Drag 2 177W TC Starter Kit

    Here we have the sequel to the most popular box mod kit of all time. VooPoo brings a new and improved iteration of the classic.
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  4. VooPoo Drag Mini Kit - Platinum Edition Review

    The Drag family has a baby brother, but the brother who actually gets into an ivy league college and makes something of itself. This is the white sheep baby of the VooPoo Drag family.
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  5. KangerTech Ranger 200W Starter Kit Review

    KangerTech has brought several innovations to the vaping world, and this is yet another improvement to what came before it. Does it hold up under scrutiny?
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  6. Uwell Hypercar Kit Review

    UWELL's latest product hits the scene with contradicting opinions across the board. In this review, we delve deep into what makes this unique and answer the question: is it worth the price?
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  7. UWELL Crown IV Starter Kit Review

    This UWELL kit features their Crown IV and their Crown IV mod. As a relatively full-featured vape kit, it also includes limited temperature controls, a power mode, and compatibility with Uwell’s leading Pro-FOCS cores.
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  8. Teslacigs Punk 220W Box Mod Review

    The "Punk" line of products by Teslacigs definitely catches the eye. We're wondering, though, how does it perform? Let's crack this open and find out.
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  9. Vandy Vape Jackaroo Starter Kit Review

    Another starter kit built to last. Designed to withstand heavy usage and a tough beating, you could throw this in a cage with an MMA fighter and it would win.
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  10. Beginner’s Guide to Box Mod Vapes

    Part II of our Beginner Series. In this entry, we'll discuss box mods and analyze the nuances of different types, etc.
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