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Blogs of Vaping News

In the world we live in today, vaping is constantly changing with the government laws and FDA bans. More and more new products are being created to help smokers transition to e-cigarettes, but obstacles keep getting in the way. ProVape covers the latest news on all vaping pros and cons, and is determined to share what is happening in the world to all our followers. With consistent up to date news, you will always be aware of what is happening in the industry.

  1. European Nicotine Consumers Launch Urgent Survey

    Nicotine users will be probed with a series of questions regarding their tobacco and nicotine history. The tobacco products directive (TPD) contemplates banning flavors and placing restrictions such as the 20mg/ml nicotine cap including nicotine cap, tank size, and bottle restraints. The survey is offered in 10 languages and it's only applicable to adults. It was created by ETHRA and scientific advisories and offers a unique IP address to ensure only one response and will be available until December 31, 2020.
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  2. “EVALI” Ravages Vape Shops Sales More than COVID-19

    However, a recent survey conducted by the market research company ECigIntelligence, proved that news coverage about EVALI was the real reason behind the decline of vape shop sales. It was proven that most of the EVALI cases were a result of black market THC oil cartridges watered down with vitamin E acetate and not by vape shops selling commercial nicotine vaping products.
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  3. Will the Biden Administration Wage War on Vaping?

    Although the Dems detest the tobacco industry, they don’t fully understand vaping issues enough to make a well-informed stance. So instead of choosing a side, they rely on anti-smoking groups like Tobacco-free kids and the American Academy of pediatrics as saviors against the sinister tobacco industry.
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  4. California Flavor Ban Paused for 2 Years

    The ban doesn’t include online sales, but it covers products sold in retail stores. The original bill banned all tobacco and vaping flavors except tobacco, advocates were successful in gaining exemptions in the final version for hookah products, pipe tobacco, and premium cigars. California Governor Gavin Newsom signed it into law on August 28th.
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  5. New Zealand sees first Medical Cannabis Conference

    The county is still oblivious to the full benefits of cannabis. Medical cannabis can be beneficial to patients, it will also boost the country's economy by creating exporting opportunities aiding in the country's GDP. New Zealand will operate its medical cannabis via GMP (Good manufacturing practice). This will preserve the quality of cannabinoid-based medicine. This extra safety precaution will ensure that medical staff are prescribing safe products.
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  6. Disposables seized by customs in Pennsylvania

    The products were not on the market before August 8th, 2016, so it violated the rule. Also, there were no premarket tobacco applications receiving approval before going on the market. The disposables are closely related to black market products because they aren’t fully legal. The Alphaa One plus would have made an estimated profit of 1.5 million divided between the distributor and retail had it been purchased by consumers.
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  7. Comments Grab State Legislators Attention

    Alex suggests that when commenting on the flavor ban it’s better to add a distinctive comment to a pre-existing comment or you can simply create an original comment altogether. The goal of the comments is to grab state legislators attention. He drives his point by stating that duplicate comments won’t garner much attention.
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  8. The Dangers of Banning JUUL Pods

    This ban has been placed since an overwhelming amount of underage users have been at serious health risks. However, pulling Juul off the market might not have been the smartest move to make. Juul pods might have been the most popular during the outbreak, but more and more cases are being confirmed even with Juul off the market. This ban could cause more damage by limiting the access of cigarette alternatives.
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  9. Deeming Rule Challenge

    In the vaping world, they have extremely strong plaintiffs that will come in handy to successfully prove their points. This particular case has the possibility of opening floodgates for other challenges ruled by the federal government. Last week, an online federal appeals court held in the appeal of Moose Jooce, et al v. Food and Drug Administration. This appeal is challenging the FDA Deeming Rule for violating the First Amendment of the Constitution and the Appointments Clause. Back in February, the case was broken down into three complaint groups that specified small vaping businesses issues. The lawsuit ended up being in favor of the FDA by Judge Christopher Cooper.
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  10. JUUL Ads target teens through Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network

    JUUL Labs have been under fire for targeting underage children for e-cigarette advertisements. It turns out that the big-name tobacco brand purchased online advertisements on specific networks watched by teens such as Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, and even teen magazines.  To entice children to purchase the now banned flavors, JUUL scoured through online ads and found what websites that children frequent and adverse their products there. In a lawsuit by the Massachusetts attorney general office, claims also state that JUUL also sent their advertisements through educational websites that children use daily in school to complete work such as
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  11. TV Imagery Persuading Teens

    Marketing companies understand that most of their viewers are young adults, making them target the youth to gain more business. According to Preventive Medicine, “Young Viewers with the highest exposure to TV tobacco depictions can be three times as likely to start vaping as those who don't.” Access to these products are very easy for these minors, and it starts with promotional advertising.
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  12. Is It Safe To Vape During COVID-19?

    Unless you’ve been living under a literal rock you're familiar with the infamous Coronavirus that has turned the world on it’s back in less than a 5 month span. Everything is shut down, people are out of jobs, losing homes, some even lose their lives; in a nutshell, life as we know it is a hot blistering mess.
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