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Enjoy Eleafs vape products that are carefully manufactured to perform to the best of its ability making it one of the best brands in the vaping industry. Eleaf is most known for their iStick series which is one of the smoothest vapes with very little maintenance making it the perfect vape for any users. Elead is also famous for their other kits including Elead eleven 360mAh Pod System, Eleaf iJust Kit, Eleaf Tance Max, iJust AIO Starter Kit, iCare 2 Starter Kit, and much more! Each device delivers the exact head change you want and performs at the best wattage with long lasting battery life. Be sure to check out more of Eleafs products at

  1. Eleaf iStick Mix Review

    Eleaf brings some of their classic, legacy features with the iStick Mix Starter Kit. An interesting-looking system boasting unique mismatched panels. It's an eye-catcher, no doubt.

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  2. Eleaf Elven 360mAh Pod System Review

    Looking to curb that pesky cigarette craving? The Eleaf Elven brings a similar experience to that of holding a real one. That, and a lot more benefits an affordable pod system can bring.

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  3. Eleaf iJust 21700 Starter Kit Review

    Eleaf has given birth to a new sibling. The iJust has a new baby brother - a chunkier brother one at that. Let's explore how this differentiates from the rest of its family.

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  4. Eleaf Tance Max Review

    Tance Pod's big brother is here! Boasting notable upgrades you will lust after, including adjustable airflow and a much larger battery.

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  5. Eleaf iJust S AIO Starter Kit Review

    Remember the iJust from a while back? This is the newest iteration: The iJust S. The battery is almost twice as big this time around, among other amazing new details.

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  6. Eleaf iCare 2 Starter Kit Review

    Here we have the second iteration of the iCare series by Eleaf. This is an ideal vape for a smoker in transition. We also look into other features that will tickle your fancy.

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