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OOZE - Vape Hardware Brand

Based out of Michigan, the Ooze brand has established itself as the leading brand in all things concentrates, tobacco, and essential oils. Since 2007, their expertise in the concoction of e-liquids and a slew of other terrific products is hard to match. Ooze is aware of the price inflation vapers face at brick and mortar stores and some e-commerce storefronts, so they aim to break that cycle of negative expectation by providing an unmatched customer experience with the best prices for the best value.

After a decade of service, their extensive catalog also includes batteries, kits, rolling trays, silicone smoke accessories, grinders, hand pipes, and apparel. They have been featured in Variety magazine, Yahoo Finance, Leafly, and has earned a spot on Inc 500's Fastest-Growing Companies of 2019. Their dedication continues to pay off as they deliver the very best in the industry.