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ProVape has all the answers to your questions. Ever wonder what the difference is between e-liquid and vape juice? Or What exactly CBD is? If it's a drug or how it works? We have all the answers you're looking for posted right on our blog! Be sure to check it out today and get all the answers you are seeking.

  1. E liquid vs Vape Juice: Is there a difference?

    If you’re a vaping newbie who just landed on the scene and would like to understand the difference between e-liquid, vape juice, and pod juice – we will clarify the distinctions in this post.

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  2. FAQ: What is CBD? What are the CBD Oil Benefits?

    So, what is CBD? CBD, or cannabidiol, is a relatively new compound which is found in the cannabis plant alongside THC, the drug which first brought marijuana into the spotlight of human attention.

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  3. FAQ: Is CBD a Drug?

    CBD is a useful substance with some extremely promising medical applications. While we wait for federal lawmakers to catch up with modern science, it’s essential that you use CBD with extreme caution.

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  4. Vape Nicotine Levels: Which One to Choose?

    In our FAQ series, we delve deep into the most common questions. Today we analyze e-liquid strength and help you choose which nicotine level you'd fare best with.

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