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Hotcig was founded in 2013, the popular vape brand is an extension of Shenzhen Hot Technology Co. Lt. with a focus on electronic cigarettes R&D, manufacturing sales and service. HotCig specializes in high-end electronic cigarette production, a new OEM business, as well as the development of electronic cigarette device accessories. Hotcig is a mission based brand with the motto, “to be the first-class brand”. Hotcig offers the latest pods, mods and e-cigarettes on the market.

  1. Hotcig Marvel 30W Pod System Kit Review

    The Marvel Pod System by Hotcig seems to be loved by users all over the world. However, the cons do prevent some users from enjoying this device to its full capacity. Font size is important so you can see battery life and other necessities. Although the screen is well lit and tech savvy, some users say it's too busy and distracting.

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  2. Four Compact Must-have Pod Systems for Travel

    If you enjoy vaping on the go, you’ll need a compact pod system for travel. There is nothing worse than attempting to vape in public with a giant complicated pod system, now everybody’s staring at you, and now you look crazy. It messes up the whole vibe. If you want discretion and comfort, it’s best to invest in a compact pod system that you can flaunt with ease; it will change the way that you vape.

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  3. Hotcig Koi Pod System Kit Review

    The Hotcig Koi Pod System Kit features a 1000mAh rechargeable battery, an advanced HM Chipset, and includes a pair of special pods. This device is conveniently palm sized making it easy to travel anywhere with. Made from extremely durable zinc alloy and PC materials, this device has a sleek and sexy look that is portable to travel anywhere with. Its fitting palm size is easy to hold and comfortable to grip.

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