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Monthly Archives: November 2020

  1. Aspire Tigon AIO Pod System Kit Review

    The Tigon AIO kit offers the perfect compact, it’s sleek with the girth of a remote control. The Tigon pod is constructed of metal and zinc alloy, on its face is the single firing button complete with LED configurations that illuminate when the device is fired. The Tigon AIO is equipped with an internal 1300mAh battery and uses USB Type-C charge. One of the stand out features of the pod is the adjustable airflow, you can switch from fully open to closed effortlessly for a customizable experience. T

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  2. Eleaf Saurobox 220W with ELLO Duro Starter Kit Review

    The Eleaf Saurobox & ELLO DURO Starter kit doesn't have many reviews so let’s just dive right into the build quality of the mod. The Eleaf Saurobox offers a new high-performance mod, it’s lightweight and easy to hold and carry.

    The mod features a slight TFT screen display and operates with ease; a simple five clicks on/off is all you need to activate. The Saurobox is powered by dual 18650 batteries and can fire up to 220W. 

    The battery door of the Saurobox is a magnetic pan

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  3. OneVape Mace55 Pod System Kit Review

    OneVape Mace brand new Mace series pod mod owns everything you can imagine. It features a well-designed and highly portable chassis covered with aluminum alloy and PCTG material. It’s easy to carry around and hold in your hands. It’s a good mod with good functionality, it works with a simple 5 clicks on and off nothing too hard to figure out. The pod mod features a single firing button that is centrally located for easy access. It offers a wide ergonomic mouthpiece that simulates the feel of smo

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  4. Vaporesso Osmall 11W Pod System Kit Review

    The Vaporesso OSMALL pod system is a petite and lightweight pod system. The OSMALL is ultra-slim, it fits into your hands comfortably, it’s chassis is crafted of a sturdy PCTG plastic material. It’s a button-free device that does all the work for you. The OSMALL offers tiny LED light indicators near the rear panel that light up during charging, vaping and when removing the pod. The magnetic connection keeps the cartridge in place when reconnected.

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  5. Some Advices for Beginner Vapers

    The transition from smoking to vaping can feel daunting to newbies, it can get overwhelming with so many questions, which device should you buy? How much nicotine should you use? There’s a lot to consider. Fortunately, the most common mistakes are easy to avoid. Here's a rundown of  the Top 9 vaping mistakes for beginners to avoid. Hopefully these tips were helpful. You may not remember everything luckily you can always reread this article. Happy vaping!

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  6. OneVape AirMOD 60W Pod System Kit Review

    The Airmod 60 kit is the world’s number one Airmod according to Onevape. Airmod is small and thin as a phone, it's built to be ultra-portable. At first glance the pod looks like a remote control; it's sleek and flat with a teeny firing button on its front panel. The pod offers a sliver of a display screen that you have to squint to see, but it’s there. The pod is supported by a built-in 15000mAh battery and supports type-c charging. OneVape implements the air coil which promises to provide rich fla

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  7. Eleaf iWũ 15W Pod System Kit Review

    If nothing else the Eleaf iWũ 15W Pod is visually striking. At first glance, it looks like colorful fish gulls on the outer body design, but in reality, it’s a protective hollowed-out cover design that allows you to conceal the mouthpiece. The pod offers a buttonless design that can be activated through inhalation.

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  8. Wismec Motiv 2 Pod System Kit Review

    Here we go! I see the vaporizer, two pods, a microUSB charging cable, and your typical user manual. Makes me happy to see a spare pod every time I unleash one of these pod systems into the world. Companies that cheap out on this aspect always stick with me, and I tend to become more critical of anything they do. Wismec is relatively unknown in comparison to the vaping giants but way to stay in somebody’s radar. An unknown writer trapped in his own little world. One person at a time, though; that’s the

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  9. Hotcig Marvel 30W Pod System Kit Review

    The Marvel Pod System by Hotcig seems to be loved by users all over the world. However, the cons do prevent some users from enjoying this device to its full capacity. Font size is important so you can see battery life and other necessities. Although the screen is well lit and tech savvy, some users say it's too busy and distracting.

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  10. Vandy Vape Capstone RDA Review

    Let’s move onto the cons, there were a plethora of vapers that felt that the chamber is too compressed. There is tons of metal in the deck, and that metal compresses the flavor in the deck, so the e-liquid has nowhere to go but up, the metal shorts out the flavor. Mike Vapes said the build deck is too big and the post takes up too much space. The juice well received a con because the e-liquid stays in the well, so you have to be very aware of how much you’re squonking on this. You can’t over squon

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  11. Perkey Manta Pod System Kit Review

    The Perkey Manta Pod System offers an elegant V-shaped design. It is easily one of the most portable devices on the market with a rounded sleek shape that can comfortably fit into the palm of your hands or the nooks of your jeans or wherever you choose to toss it. The Mantra pod sports a luxurious leather design and is backed by a durable 450mAh battery. Now onto the pros and cons.

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  12. New Zealand sees first Medical Cannabis Conference

    The county is still oblivious to the full benefits of cannabis. Medical cannabis can be beneficial to patients, it will also boost the country's economy by creating exporting opportunities aiding in the country's GDP. New Zealand will operate its medical cannabis via GMP (Good manufacturing practice). This will preserve the quality of cannabinoid-based medicine. This extra safety precaution will ensure that medical staff are prescribing safe products.

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  13. FreeMax MaxLuke Sub-Ohm Tank Review

    The FreeMax MaxLuke Sub-Ohm Tank is loved by users all over the world. With its modern creation and delivery, it is no question as to why this is one of the hottest tanks available on the market today. Let’s dive into the pros and cons of this tank and see what users had to say. Starting with the cons, users had some issues dealing with the top sliding fill port. With a large 5mL capacity, users thought the fill system would be a little bigger as some of their e-juices did not fit. Others did not h

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  14. VooPoo Drag Max Pod Mod Kit Review

    Let’s begin with the con’s which are short and sweet, tried a true vaper Mike Vapes expressed his concerns with the Drag Max pod mod, he said If the chipset sits for 20 minutes or half an hour, you have to double press the firing button to vape, also you have to constantly press the up and down buttons, it locks the entire device. Another con noted was that you can’t attach a 510 base attachment to the device. Finally, one vaper said that the tank had leakage but that wasn’t a real concern from ot

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  15. VooPoo V.THRU Pro 25W Pod System Kit Review

    The VooPoo V.THRU Pro Pod System Kit offers a refillable pod system with a sleek chassis that’s perfect for a pocket vape system. The build is simple and straightforward with a very comfortable mouthpiece. Getting to the pro’s, everyone was thrilled about the delicious flavor that the pod offers. Vaper, the Devil Vapor gave it a 7.5/10. Felix Vapes said the flavor is banging. The pod offers a medium restricted airflow

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