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Marina Galstyan

  1. Vape Shop Locator: Find a Vape Shop Near Me


    Almost every vaper uses the Internet to find the closest vape shop. Especially when traveling, vapers use their smartphones to discover and locate vape shops nearby.

    However, maps aren't always spot-on when locating a store or any other establishment, especially when it comes to

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  2. How Synthetic Nicotine Law Applies To Vapors

    On March 11, 2022, Congress voted 68-31 to pass the omnibus spending bill, which, in general, set $1.5 trillion to fund various government projects through this fiscal year - ending in September 2022. One of these projects included the nicotine law, i.e., amendments to some sections of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FDCA).

    This language was passed into law when

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  3. Can You Really Vape Water: All in One Guide

    Growing more popular by the moment, vaping introduced itself as a much healthier alternative to smoking tobacco and an interesting oral fixation.

    Online and physical vape shops provide hundreds of e-liquid tastes to suit every consumer's demands, no matter their preferences. Many individuals, however, are unsure whether they may vape other things, such as water. It sounds like the safest and healthiest means of getting your vapor. But is it

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  4. Can You Bring a Vape on a Plane in 2022: Everything You Must Know

    Have a flight booked but aren't sure if you're allowed to bring your vape with you or not? Don't worry; we've covered the basics here, most of which are self-evident.

    But first, if, by any chance, your common sense didn't suggest that vaping on the plane is not 

    legal - let us remind you that it most definitely isn't! As long as you keep your vape devices in your carry-on baggage rather than in your checked-in luggage - they are

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  5. Vape Juice Nicotine Levels: Which is Best For You?

    When entering the vaping world, novice consumers are faced with decisions they need to make, which may sometimes seem confusing. Deciding on a vape device is easy and can be done quickly. However, choosing the vape juice nicotine levels is integral to the vaping experience and requires serious consideration. 

    Smokers rarely know the nicotine levels that cigarettes contain. Nicotine is found as a cigarette component, but it's also present

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  6. Incredible Vaping Tips For Beginners

    Vaping tricks represent half the fun of the whole vaping experience, and you should get to know them if you’re just starting to vape! Really, can you even call yourself an expert vaper without knowing the essential tips that make up the event! The world of vaping can be all kinds of confusing, and it’s crucial to be open-minded. You’ll need to learn a lot as there are many vaping tips for beginners. 

    It can get overwhelming, considering there are a lot of vaping

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  7. How To Clean Your Vape Device on The Right Way: Best Guide For 2022

    Cleanliness is imperative if you’re looking for many long-lasting memories with your vape pen, and there are a few ways to maintain it! Whether you’re a newbie vaping enthusiast just breaking into the sphere, or if you’ve experienced your fair share of disposables, giving your vape pen the old scrub-up is more than a necessity! 

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  8. How Do You Know What Wattage To Vape At?

    Knowing what wattage to vape at is a refined skill acquired with patience and time, and it's a sum of all the weird experiments, beginner mistakes, and hours and hours of research. Simply put, those who know their wattage are truly all-star vape users.

    But don't be too hard on yourself if you have difficulties figuring out vape watts. Most vapers struggle with this aspect, especially beginners. However, you can figure out anything and quickly become an expert yourself with the right tools

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  9. Vaping in The Car: 5 Incredible Tips To Consider

    If you can't go anywhere without your vaping gear, then using it in your car has undoubtedly crossed your mind. Although vaping and driving is a dangerous mix, if you consider a few ground rules, you can get by with vaping while driving.

    If you're a beginner in vaping, starting vaping in your car is not recommended. Instead, try to ease your way into vaping while practicing it outdoors or indoors, not in a moving vehicle. 

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  10. Vaper’s Tongue։ Top 5 Incredible Ways To Solve It

    If you are a vape smoker who likes to stick to one flavor, chances are you have either experienced a vaper’s tongue or are going to. This uncanny condition, also known as vaper’s fatigue, is as frequent as catching a cold. It’s when you lose the ability to taste your e-juice flavor, either fully or partially.

    This might not seem that scary when you first hear about it. But imagine you suddenly lose taste while vaping; nobody

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