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Beginner Series

Beginner series is your holy grail for an intro into vaping. Here you’ll find the answers to your most burning questions. Learn all about pods systems, box mods, e-liquids and accessories. Get hipped to the latest devices, and learn the basics of how to vape successfully. The beginner series is a 101 into the world of vaping, offering expertise on all things Vape. Learn all about coils and the basics of MTL and DL vaping and which coils give you the best clouds. If you are a newbie this is the place to be. Take a look around, learn something.

  1. Beginner's Guide to Choosing the Best Vape Starter Kit

    So, you’re ready to take the plunge, huh? Luckily for us, there are plenty of terrific devices out there to start with. Whether you’re making the switch from traditional cigarettes and are looking for a “cigalike” (or similar), or if you simply want to try vaping treading uncharted waters, we got you.

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  2. What is E-Liquid or E-Juice?

    In this quick guide, we answer the question "what is e-liquid?" We define it and outline each component and provide a brief description of its ingredients. We also discuss recent events concerning illicit "vape juice."

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  3. Ultimate Guide to Pod Systems

    In this guide, you will discover a staggering list of benefits of using a pod system and why it's the ideal anchor when switching from cigarettes.

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  4. BEGINNER SERIES – Vape Batteries

    Looking to graduate from AIO systems into the big leagues of replaceable battery mods? This is the ultimate guide to understanding batteries. Take a look.

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  5. From Pods to All in One (AIO) Vapes

    There's a progression every seasoned vaper must pass in order to reach the apex of vaping excellence. Switching from cigarettes into cigalikes, then into pod systems, etc. Here we will discuss each step of the way.

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  6. Vape Coils Explained: Types and Components

    Here I present to you the ultimate guide to understanding coils. In part 3 of our beginner series, we will focus strictly on everything regarding coils.

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  7. Beginner’s Guide to Box Mod Vapes

    Part II of our Beginner Series. In this entry, we'll discuss box mods and analyze the nuances of different types, etc.

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  8. Beginner’s Vaping Guide: Know What You Vape!

    Do you feel too intimidated to get started? Here we tackle the very first steps of a beginner vaper.

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