How To Clean Your Vape Device on The Right Way: Best Guide For 2022

Cleanliness is imperative if you’re looking for many long-lasting memories with your vape pen, and there are a few ways to maintain it! Whether you’re a newbie vaping enthusiast just breaking into the sphere, or if you’ve experienced your fair share of disposables, giving your vape pen the old scrub-up is more than a necessity! 

Vape pens and their parts are filled with all kinds of vaping materials you choose, ranging from THC oils to dried herbs and nicotine, and these ingredients can sometimes leave footprints! To take care of the residue, you must wash your vape pen once in a while. 

Keeping your vape pen clean is just as important as checking up on its parts, and if you don’t want to waste any more pens, stick to a regular cleaning schedule! A clean, shiny pen equals safety and is certainly greenlit for its working order! Once you’re finished learning the guide to vaping, it’s time to go through the guide to cleaning! 

How Often Should You Clean Your Vape Device? 

Cleaning and the need to clean the vape pen are directly influenced by its user. Medium smokers need only occasional wash-ups, or appropriately once a month. The more frequent smokers need to do most regular wash-ups simply because of how dirty their pens can get after numerous uses. Experienced and heavy vapers must wash their vape device at least once weekly. This is due to their everyday puff, which can repeat over 100 times. 

No vape washing takes up much of your time, but it should be done regularly. Otherwise, your vapor could suffer the results. Its flavor disappears, and the once-filled-puffy clouds don’t even appear anymore! 

If you’re just starting to vape and have a freshly unpacked vape pen, you might notice the fresh smell, the smooth feel, the mild throat hit, and the great puffy clouds of vapor you exhale. 

Unfortunately, this doesn’t last long, and what you’ve been vaporizing and how frequently it will show in at least a month. 



This is why it’s crucial to regularly replace your vapes, and you can find perfect specimens in this selection!

After multiple uses, changing herbs, and puffing away, the pathways in your vape pen get clogged up with residue! This is a sign that you need to clean up your vape pen, making it better than before!

You’ll notice whether your vape pen needs a wash-up when: 

  1. Notice a resin buildup ( due to cannabis oils);
  2. There’s no vapor coming out;
  3. Airflow pathways are blocked;
  4. The pen requires you to take more frequent and deeper breaths;

You don’t need to spend hours cleaning your vaping device, but it’s good to do it habitually. Once a month for occasional vapers, and once a week for those who vape consistently throughout the days! 

Can You Clean Your Vaporizer With Isopropyl Alcohol?

Yes, and you can take apart all the vape accessories and give them a thorough washing as well. Once you disassemble the cartridge, the mouthpiece, and the battery, you can soak each component in isopropyl alcohol. 

The moment you notice your atomizer not firing up the way it did, you should recognize that that means there’s something stuck in there. This is exactly when you should use isopropyl alcohol. If you’re a heavy vaper, then you might need to clean your heating element a few times a week. Experienced vapers clean their parts with isopropyl once to twice a week. 


Can You Use Hydrogen Peroxide To Clean Your Vape?

Another type of cleaning solution you can use with your vape is hydrogen peroxide. However, it’s not the most recommended as hydrogen is used to bleach and is a mild antiseptic. It might be a robust cleaning solution mixed with water, but it can damage your pen’s material. If you don’t want to end up with chemicals, you can use other alcohol-based cleaners, including vinegar and rubbing alcohol. Even that leftover bottle of vodka in your fridge can help.

Other users purchase vape pens that come with their own personalized vape cleaners. Hydrogen peroxide is advised when you have nothing to clean your vape with around your house and use the chemical as a last resort. Hydrogen peroxide isn’t the safest e-liquid, as it can mix, and it will result in an awful reaction. Another thing you can use is lemon juice to help clean the vape coil

Can You Use Acetone To Clean The Vape Pen?

The obvious answer is no, and there are more than a few dangerous reasons. Acetone might work once cleaning your vape device, but it will serve you more damage than good. Acetone is pretty corrosive and will damage the steel, plastic, or whatever material your pen is made of. 

The approved way to clean your vape device by users and creators alike is through isopropyl alcohol. You should always take the device’s parts apart and dip them in the concoction. If you resort to cleaning your vape pen with acetone or isopropyl alcohol stronger than 70%, you risk losing your warranty. 

A vape pen should be cleaned right when it stops performing in fine quality or how it used to, not to mention the difference in the vapor taste. Once you’ve done your washing up, dry out every member of your vape then and adequately assemble it.

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