How Do You Know What Wattage To Vape At?

Knowing what wattage to vape at is a refined skill acquired with patience and time, and it's a sum of all the weird experiments, beginner mistakes, and hours and hours of research. Simply put, those who know their wattage are truly all-star vape users.

But don't be too hard on yourself if you have difficulties figuring out vape watts. Most vapers struggle with this aspect, especially beginners. However, you can figure out anything and quickly become an expert yourself with the right tools and guidance.

The gist of adjusting wattage is to get a unique and customizable experience. When you master the skill, you can adjust temperature, flavor intensity, and throat hit according to your preferences.

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What is Vape Wattage?

The first thing you need to learn on your path to becoming a vape wattage wizard is what vape wattage is. Contrary to most expectations, this is not that difficult to understand, especially if you took a few physics lessons in school.

When somebody wants to describe a specific power flow rate, they will express this in watts. You can calculate watts by multiplying voltage (speed) and amps (volume of electrons). Wattage is the amount of produced/consumed power per second, and the higher the number, the more power involved. 

Because vapes are electronic devices, they too function on electronic power. With the help of power, the liquid in the cartridge is heated and becomes vapor, hence the names "vape" and "vaporizer." 

When you choose to vape at a higher wattage, you decide to heat your vape at a higher temperature. In this case, you will get a harsher throat hit (the sensation you feel on your throat when you inhale) and warmer and denser vapor. On the other hand, if you choose lower wattage, you will get a softer throat hit and cooler vapor.


Best Wattage For Vaping

Vape wattage varies between 1 and 200+ watts, depending on your vape. Most vapers use between 40 and 50 watts, but everybody has unique preferences and needs. So the best wattage is the one that satisfies you most. 

For example, those using vapes to quit smoking might need higher wattage to get a harsher throat hit and ease the transition. On the other hand, inexperienced smokers and vapers should start with lower wattage to avoid sudden coughing and headaches.

If you are more experienced, you can use wattage to adjust all the specifics of vaping, including flavor delivery, vapor density, and throat hit. Some prefer sweet flavors with a harsher throat hit, while others like less vapor and a smoother throat sensation. Before figuring out what works best for you, we suggest you experiment with different types of flavors and watts.

But remember that each e-liquid and vape has its characteristics and manufacturer specifications. So before starting any experimentation, you should always research, like checking the recommended wattage for your vape. You can find this information online or written on the vape coil. 

If you are a newbie still looking for the perfect vaporizer, check out our list of best vapes for beginners to start your journey.

What Vape Wattage Has The Best Flavor?

The logic behind increasing vapor density and throat hit with wattage is simple – the higher the number, the stronger sensation you get. However, things get a bit more complicated when it comes to flavors.

Flavor sensation not only depends on wattage and vape type but also on the flavor itself. A rule of thumb is to use less wattage for bolder flavors like coffee and tobacco and more for softer and fruity flavors like strawberry and peach. 

There are thousands of different vape flavors, and each has its sweet spot regarding wattage. Most vape users recommend a wattage between 50 and 100 watts to get maximum flavor. But, if you want to find your sweet spot, we suggest starting from 20 watts and slowly increasing the wattage.

Some other tips for making full use of your e-liquid flavor are to:

  1. Choose a narrower drip tip
  2. Combine less airflow with higher wattage
  3. Invest in an RDA vape tank
  4. Upgrade wicking and coil materials
  5. Store your liquid the right way


Is It Bad To Vape at Low Wattage?

Even though most vapes can provide wattage up to 200 watts, many vapers adjust their vapes to around 10 or 15 watts. This is not dangerous or bad in any way. It's recommended for users who prefer longer inhales, softer throat hits, and certain flavors like mint. 

While vaping at low wattage isn't dangerous in itself, vaping at high wattage can be. Just because a car can run 160 mph, it doesn't mean that you should drive at that speed. For this reason, even vape users who prefer higher wattage enjoy their pleasures with precaution. This means ensuring your vape is of high quality and that it doesn't have any underlying issues.

Vaping At High Wattage

When experimenting with wattage, the coil's most vulnerable part of a vape. This is a small spirally-shaped wire whose main task is to heat the liquid. If you use high wattage, the coil can burn out. As a result, you will feel a burning taste known as "dry hit" or "dry burning."

Dry burning can occur in three situations. When there's not enough e-juice in the coil, when the coil is overused, and when it's not primed with juice before activating the device, don't worry if you've made one of these mistakes and have experienced a dry hit. Next time, just apply a bit of e-juice on the cotton before replacing the coil.

Keep in mind that vaping at high wattage also means losing battery faster. So if you plan to take on this adventure, make sure to fill your vape battery to the max. You can also invest in a portable vape charger so you can refill your vape at any time.

If you want to learn more maintenance tips and general information about vaporizers, read our extensive vaping guide.