VooPoo Drag Nano Kit Review

VooPoo Drag Nano Kit

The Drag Nano Kit by VooPoo is basically the miniaturized version of their ever-popular Drag mod, complete with the giant “DRAG” logo across one entire side. As an ultra-portable device, this is a draw-activated system with high-resistance coils and small pods and that’s about it! It’s a tiny device, it looks like the Drag mod by VooPoo and it’s super portable, so do the reviewers like it? Read on to find out!



-          Dimensions: 54.5 x 35 x 11 mm

-          Material: Zinc-Aluminum Alloy

-          Battery: Integrated 750mAh

-          Coil Resistance: 1.8ohm



-          Gene Pod Chipset

-          Draw-Activated Firing Mechanism

-          “Cold Boost Pattern” Technology



Cheesehead Vaping


-          Loves the way it looks

-          Perfect MTL draw, very restricted

-          Flavor is good, not as good as best MTL devices

-          Includes necklace chain

-          Affordable



-          Not a big fan of huge “DRAG” logo

-          Platinum finish is a fingerprint magnet

-          Only 1.0mL juice capacity

-          No passthrough vaping


AmbitionZ VapeR


-          Very attractive & cool design

-          Incredibly small

-          Lots of different colors



-          Fingerprint magnet

-          Underperforms all others in class

-          Only 1.0mL liquid capacity

-          Only average flavor – 5/10




-          Very cool-looking device

-          Includes a chain

-          Very small, very stealthy



-          Very cool, underpowered vape quality

-          Basically only hits well with at least 35mg e-liquid

-          Tiny LED light

-          Only 1.0mL juice capacity

-          Only 1 pod included with kit

-          Nothing more than a simple nicotine delivery device



The Drag Nano Kit by VooPoo is… pretty decent. Reviewers didn’t seem to lean too strongly in either direction, so let’s get into the pros and cons so you can decide whether this kit is for you.


As always, let’s dive first into the cons, starting with the aesthetics. The shiny finish is a definite fingerprint magnet, as many reviewers demonstrated. The giant “DRAG” logo might be a turn-off for some people, as well.


Next, the performance. As most reviewers indicated, this device offers about middle-of-the-road performance. Although it’s an ultra-portable device, you should expect an even cooler vape than others in this class. It also only offers 1.0mL of juice capacity,  which isn’t really acceptable given the size of its competitors’ capacities. With giant 1.8ohm resistance, you’re also going to need at least 35mg nicotine juice to get any kind of meaningful throat hit. Flavor is decent, with one reviewer giving it a mediocre 5/10. In either case, its flavor production is definitely below that of the leading ultra-portable systems.


On to the pros! It is incredibly small. It fits easily in the palm of your hand, almost completely disappearing within a closed fist. It also includes a chain, which is nice for just keeping it inside your shirt when you need to stealth vape. It’s also pretty cool-looking, if you’re okay with the “DRAG” logo, and it comes in a bunch of different colors to suit your preferences.


All told, this kit is pretty middle-of-the-road. You’re not going to get quite the flavor or the capacity or the hit quality you’ll find in other devices. On the other hand, it’s incredibly small and portable. If portability is your thing and you’re a big fan of the VooPoo Drag line, this is a must-have. Otherwise, you’re probably better off picking up something else.

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