Vaptio C-Flat Pod System Review

Vaptio C-Flat Pod System Review

Greetings, vaper. We’re back with another vape review. Today, I will be reviewing another pod system *sad trombone* - haha! Just kidding! I know you love those pod systems so much, otherwise why would they be selling so damn much. Personally, I think the one I’m about to crack open is a stinker, but I shouldn’t judge a book by its cover (or a vape by its specs). Actually, you can. 350mAh of battery power? What is that, like twelve puffs before you need to recharge? Hmm. I guess we’ll have to find out how this little buddy fares under the microscope. Don’t get your wallet out, though.


I will give this a spin and give you my honest thoughts. Afterwards, I will compile a list of pros and cons that I will gather from other expert reviewers. I hope this list gives you a quick synopsis of what makes this pod system good or bad.


Let’s press on:



  • Dimensions: 120.5 x 24.9 x 15.1 mm
  • Juice Capacity: 1.5mL
  • Material: Zinc Alloy
  • Atomizer Resistance: 1.0ohm
  • Battery: Integrated 350mAh Rechargeable Battery
  • Maximum Wattage Output: 15W



  • Plug-and-Play System
  • Beautiful Zinc Alloy Shell
  • Duckbill Mouthpiece Design
  • LED Light Battery Indicator
  • Direct Voltage-Based Output
  • Single-Button Firing Mechanism
  • Ergonomic Duck-Bill Mouthpiece
  • Dual Firing Modes - Both DTL & MTL
  • Over-Vaping Protection
  • Short-Circuit Protection
  • Overheat Protection
  • MicroUSB Charging Port – 5V / 500mAh Quick Charge w/ Passthrough Functionality
  • Proprietary Magnetic Connection
  • Available in White/Gold, Black/Red, Full Black


Packaging & Mod:

Time to unpack this little guy. Wow, I get a spare! That’s great. Can’t wait to not use it. Kudos to Vaptio for that, though. This looks like a pod system but not quite your regular cigalike. Also, it doesn’t resemble a Caliburn or a JUUL in the aesthetics department. It looks more like a bullet. You take off the drip tip and you have this tiny little tank shaped like a miniature flask. And then, there’s the mod.


The fire button is located at the center of the mod. In your regular standard pod system fashion. There’s a light at the very bottom indicating battery charge level. The mod features 350mAh of rechargeable battery power, by the way. Why are you leaving? Come back! Okay, okay, I’m joking. It’s not that bad.


The Pod:

I read somewhere that described the C-Flat’s mouthpiece as “duckbill shaped” Ain’t that cute? I wish I could keep a duckbill as a pet. Anyways, the mouthpiece is surprisingly comfortable and form-fitting. The vape juice reservoir holds up to 1.5mL of e-liquid. Pretty standard for a pod system, I must say. The atomizer offers a 1.0ohm resistance. There’s really not much else to say about it.



As I puff on this Vaptio C-Flat, it begins to grow on me. It’s very pleasant to hold and the vapor rolls nicely into my cynic gullet. It’s portable and pocketable, that’s for damn sure, and it doesn’t have that odd look most cigalikes have. You know what I mean? That plasticky tube look I don’t particularly enjoy. As a former smoker myself, I started with Blu cigs (don’t judge me). So, I can’t deny the efficacy of pod systems like this when it comes to helping those wanting to quit traditional cigarettes.


Speaking of which, this pod is touted as terrific for nic salt vaping. I can’t vouch for that at the moment, unfortunately. The device starts with five clicks to turn on and five clicks to turn off. You simply hit the fire button to vape. It’s that simple.


Frankly, I enjoyed the flavor and the stealthy airflow. It does provide a proper cigalike experience and if you’re aiming for that, this is not a bad choice - especially considering the price point. No doubt, a much better option than a JUUL or similar.


Overall, I think this is an okay device. Don’t heed my earlier words, especially coming from someone who loves the Caliburn with a fanatical admiration. It is a pocketable pod system that is cheap and sturdy, you can stealth vape if you desire, or puff decent clouds if you pull hard enough. This is not my favorite pod system but just because it operates like every other pod system, it doesn’t mean it’s not worthy of a tryout.


I’d say give a whirl if you have the money to spare.


Pros & Cons:

Now that you have my thoughts out in the open, in plain sight, here is also a collection (a gathering of sorts) of pros and cons. It’s a collective consensus from other popular experts. This way, I hope you can study at a quick glance what is good and bad about this device that will help you make a choice whether or not to purchase it. If something I’m reviewing sucks, I’ll tell you, but that doesn’t mean everybody agrees with me. This includes you.


Let’s press on:


Reviewer: [Vaping Insider] 


  • A spare is included – always a huge plus
  • The device is small, portable, compact, and durable as hell
  • It’s pocketable indeed
  • Decent craftsmanship and feels nice at the touch
  • User-friendly and simple to use
  • Cheap and affordable
  • The battery recharges very quickly
  • Ideal with salt nic juices
  • Excellent choice for stealth vaping / zero vaping
  • Battery is okay
  • Airflow provides good clouds and good flavor


  • Secondary drip tip option would be ideal
  • Drip tip snaps off too easily


Reviewer: [Planet of the Vapes]


  • A spare tank is included – love it
  • Attractive aesthetics
  • Highly pleasant and form-fitting drip tip
  • Useful LED light indicator
  • Battery charges very quickly
  • Salt nic vape juices taste excellent with the C-Flat
  • Delicious mouth to lung experience


  • Spares are hard to find online
  • Battery dies quickly – would recommend other options if chain-vaping is your thing


Reviewer: [ECigClick UK]


  • Duckbill design is “lip friendly” and pleasant at the touch
  • Very easy and simple to use
  • Cheap and affordable makes this an ideal purchase for those who prefer cigalikes
  • The battery charges incredibly fast
  • Good for those who prefer mouth to lung
  • The tank is refillable and holds a decent amount for a pod system of this kind
  • The flavor is terrific, and the clouds can be sizable (if you try hard enough)
  • Flavor improves dramatically with salt nic formulations


  • Filling is a little strange
  • Low battery capacity – you have to recharge often
  • No warning light when the battery is about to die
  • Specs say “pass through charging”, but the cable is so small, it’s basically impossible


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