Vandy Vape Pulse X BF 90W Starter Kit Review

Vandy Vape Pulse X BF 90W Starter Kit Review

Vandy Vape has done quite a few of these now. The Pulse Squonk kit is, at this point, something like their answer to Smok’s TFV series, where they just add a couple letters or a number, add a feature, take a feature away, and then release it as a whole new thing. So yeah, maybe you’re tired of hearing about Vandy Vape Pulse fill-in-the-blanks, but here’s a review anyway! In all seriousness, the Pulse series of squonk mods have included some really nice devices in the past. In the past, however, they’ve almost all been capped at 80W. Now, with 90 watts of power to play with, can Vandy Vape really open up the field and run with it? Let’s take a look at Vandy Vape Pulse X BF Starter Kit!



  • Dimensions: 82 x 56 x 28mm
  • Squonk Bottle:0mL
  • Battery: Single 2x700
  • Wattage Range: 5 – 90W
  • Voltage Range:5 – 8.5V
  • Resistance Range:05 – 3.0ohm
  • Temperature Range: 200 – 600F
  • Tank Diameter: 24mm
  • Juice Well:0mL



  • Temp/Voltage/Bypass Mode
  • Interchangeable Panels
  • Two-Post X-Shaped Build Deck
  • Six-Hole Bottom Airflow
  • 810 Resin Widebore Drip Tip



Mike Vapes


  • Easily customizable chipset
  • Build quality
  • 21700 battery – great battery life
  • RDA squonking is great
  • Very simple build deck
  • Umbrella top squonking
  • No spitback at all
  • Flavor is amazing
  • Extra included top cap is super nice



  • Back piece is not matching with front & is ugly
  • Bit of play with the back panel
  • Airflow adjustment is unintuitive
  • Rather restricted airflow for a dual coil RDA


Matt from SMM


  • Squonk works really well
  • Chipset is nice & simple
  • Great flavor
  • Good battery life with 21700



  • Draw is going to be too tight for many, restricted DTL
  • Plastic panels are ugly
  • Battery replacement is kind of a pain
  • Only one squonk bottle included
  • Is all plastic, not very durable




  • Panels are compatible with older Pulse mods
  • Panels stay in place well
  • Regular firmware upgrades
  • Innovative squonk design with umbrella top
  • Attractive & simple design
  • Well-designed & built



  • Panels don’t match
  • Works exactly the same as 80W version
  • Flavor is okay, not spectacular
  • Cap becomes very hot
  • Alternative plastic top cap looks ugly
  • Plastic cap provides insane spitback
  • Spitback is also present with metal top cap, to a lesser extent
  • Prone to minor leaking at airflow holes



Alright, so the newest member of the Vandy Vape Pulse family isn’t exactly flawless. There’s some definite issues which are going to turn off about 50% of people, but the list of pros isn’t half-bad either. So, this one is definitely going to take some explanation and a little bit of an in-depth breakdown. Let’s get to it, as always starting with the cons.


First things first, the draw on this RDA is going to be a lot more restrictive than most people are comfortable with, especially for a dual coil setup. While you get a bunch of different airflow settings and options, each one of them is going to be much tighter than you’d expect, so you should know that going in. For some people, this might be okay. I know there are people who like a good restrictive lung hit and that’s exactly what you’re getting with this one. So, whether that is a pro or con is kind of up to you, but we’re including it as a con because it is not what most people expect or look for in a dual coil RDA.


Next up, you’re getting decent, middle-of-the-road flavor. While you may be saying to yourself, “how is decent flavor a con?”, I’ve got an answer for you: this is Flavortown, baby. You need to be demanding excellent, top-of-the-line flavor for yourself with each and every vape you’re looking to purchase. If you’re getting anything less than the best in terms of flavor, you had damned well better be getting some serious perks to compensate. So, yeah, decent flavor goes in the list of cons. We expect excellent flavor here at HandCheck.


Next up, this device is just about the exact same as the 80W. In fact, according to Daniel from DJLsb Vapes, the previous version was actually capable of firing at 90 watts, they just didn’t advertise it as such, nor did they include the feature on the menu. All they’ve done, seemingly, is add the option in the menu to hit the 90W mark. So that’s pretty damn lame. If you have an earlier version of this squonk mod, you’re fine not picking this one up unless you really need that extra 10 watts.


Then, there’s the top caps. The metal one which comes pre-installed is decent enough, but gets incredibly hot if you chain vape at all. The plastic cap is see-through, which leaves it looking really ugly as it shows all the condensation on the inside. Both caps provide you with a fair amount of spitback too, with the plastic cap doing a good job of filling your entire mouth with your vape juice, if that’s your thing – which it probably isn’t, I’m guessing. You also get some solid leakage coming out of the airflow holes from time to time. More or less par for the course with many RTAs, but in addition to the spitback, you’re getting a lot of juice in places you don’t necessarily want it.


Lastly – plastic panels. Come on now. Honestly, the plastic construction on this thing just makes the whole kit feel cheap. While some reviewers liked the plastic for its lightweight and relatively durable construction, I’m calling BS. Nobody wants to spend $75 on a squonk starter kit only to receive a plastic device. It’s not a good look and I don’t particularly care that you can swap out the panels.


That just about covers most of this kit’s major issues. If you haven’t already given up on this kit, there are in fact some nice bright spots to look at.


The squonk feature works really well. Vandy Vape did actually put some work into the RDA setup, innovating a new squonk feature where the juice actually comes through an umbrella top directly onto the coils. This is actually pretty damn cool, and provides you with a really good squonk that surpasses most of the other systems out there.


The design may also be a bonus for some people. It’s simple, boxy, and doesn’t boast ridiculous or garish designs, which is really nice for a certain type of vaper. The menu system, likewise, is very simple and easy to navigate without a bunch of unnecessary or extraneous features.


Finally, most things in this kit are backwards-compatible with older versions of the Pulse. The included panels can be swapped out with any custom panels you may have lying around for older Pulse boxes, and the firmware should be seeing regular updates, which is always nice.

Final Thoughts

I may have oversold this kit in the intro to our review roundup. There’s not a whole lot to really recommend this kit to you; there are just too many entirely disqualifying issues. For one thing, you’ve got the spitback with both top caps. Then you’ve got those cheap plastic panels. Perhaps worst of all, it’s nothing particularly new. The umbrella style RDA squonk feature is cool as hell, but ultimately worth nothing because you’re just going to be getting a mouthful of juice anyway. As for the backwards-compatibility – cool, but why would you buy this new one anyway given that it has the same internals as its predecessor? Really nothing to recommend here. It’s not total garbage, but unless this is your only option for some reason, I’d steer clear.


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