Top 5 Vaping Apps

Thanks to the growth process of the vaping industry, the amount of vaping apps that are now available for Androids and iPhones has risen tremendously over the past couple of years. There over 100 apps available, even an app for the most discerning vaper.

I am sure most of you are aware of these apps since it is 2020 and everyone is attached to their phones, but these apps help make shopping, researching and tracking way more convenient. More and more vapers are turning to these apps to help them find the greatest vape that fits their style, and delivers an amazing vaping experience.

Let’s take a look at the top five vape apps that just may help you enjoy your vaping experience even more!

1. Vaffle

Vaffle is a free app for both iphone and Android users. Vaffle started in 2018 and is associated with Heavengifts. Since Youtube and Facebook are rapidly starting to become unpopular with vaping, Vaffle is here to fill that void. It is described as an Instagram-like format but with the communication aspect like Facebook. It is a place where you can discover other vapes, juices, or stay connected with other vapers.

Vaffle is no different from any other social media app, expect this one is dedicated to vaping. When you open the app, it will take you to a social platform where you can attain your personal feed, general feed, and a tab for vape reviews. This app is perfect for vape reviewers as you can upload short videos directly to the app. This app also contains a section to vape tools including a vape calculator, e-juice DIY app, vape diary, and tons of other useful tools. You are even able to upload your current vape or favorite vape device, and the app will inform you of vapers who have the same product! It is a fun and easy way to stay connected in the vape world.

2. Vape Boss

Vape is probably the first vaping app you come across when searching “vape app.” That is because this is not just an app, but it is a full media platform that includes the news, shopping, social networking, tips, pictures, videos, and more!

This free app for iPhone and Android launched in2014 as a “one stop” resource entertainment guide for vapers. With multiple tabs and a few clicks, app users can search for close shops, locate their favorite vape juice or device, review products, sell, trade, and even share products. This app is not just on its own, but it can be used as a platform by any vaping retailer to market or promote their own vape businesses. This app has many creative features, and has great reviews from users.

3. Ohm’s Law

Ohm’s Law is a free vaping app for iPhone and Android users just like the previous two. This app is considered an important tool for any vaper who enjoys building coils. While building or using coils, it is VERY important to understand Ohm’s law before vaping. Although it might seem like a simple science, there have been many problems before and it is better to be safe than sorry.

The importance of the Ohm’s law and resistance calculators help pinpoint accurate voltages, wattage, resistance, power, and current. Tracking your vape is a safer way to maintain your vaping health that way you are able to understand how much you are inhaling. This app is perfect for users who like to transition from a low build to a high powering rate.

4. The Vape Tool

The Vape Tool is a multi-tool for vape users who can't afford to waste time searching for apps or websites to build coils, benchmark battery life, and measure ohms. With this $3.49 app, you can receive top quality coil building tools that can adjust to different wiring mechanisms. You also get a full featured Ohm’s law tool, and included with that is a juice mixing recipe function to change things up a little bit. This app guides you to customizing your own vape to your liking while giving it a fresh twist with new juice creations made by you!

5. The Vape Tool

Most e-liquids apps deal with measurements, but the accurate measuring is PG/VG as they account for nicotine. E-Liquid Calculator uses this system as a start point to determine the right calculations for your device.

With this $0.99 app tool, it helps record all your e-juice recipes allowing you to stay creative and try new options. It will even recommend portion levels of PG/VG for the best nic balance. This app also provides flavoring additives and bottle volume to help create an equal measuring e-juice that will deliver a head change. E-Liquid Calculator can help you craft the cloudy masterpiece that will have long lasting flavoring all created by you.


There are so many cool apps for vaping! The selection is endless with multiple apps to choose from. Whether you want to create your own e-juice flavor, build your own coils, network, or have vape social media, there is an app for it all. With an endless selection you don’t have to purchase these top five specifically, however these were the ones we found to be most popular and useful.

Being active with other vapers and sharing your experience is a great way to stay in touch especially during the pandemic. These apps create a social environment online to stay connected with others and discover new vaping options. Most of these apps are free and are a way to experience new smoking ideas through social networking. Be sure to download yours today, and start getting creative!