MORE Cringe-Worthy Anti-Vaping Ads

In this sequel to the first episode of the series, we will be looking at (and slightly mocking) MORE anti-vaping ads and videos. We hope some will make you giggle, and others cringe, while others will make you want you use the Neuralyzer from Men In Black on yourself.


Some of these are iterations of previous masterpieces.


Let’s go:



"I want you to get it out... so I can touch it... and feel it."

Okay, this one isn’t ANTI-vaping, but a 2013 ad for VIP Premium E-cigarettes & E-liquids. I find it ridiculous enough for this list. I wonder if the actress ruined her career after this atrocity.




The Real Cost: Vaping is an Epidemic

There’s an epidemic spreading! It’s not vaping, it’s the sound of wallets fattening at the agenda-pushing ads from these clowns. Just kidding, what do I know.




Left Swipe Dat ft. Some "Rapper"

This one is anti-smoking, but it’s brought by our fellow compatriots at “” It’s every bit as you’d expect.



Vaping isn't cool (or good for you)

With a whopping like / dislike ratio of: 4k / 17k – you are safe to assume why they’ve disabled comments on the video. The lovely host says “dank” unironically and closes with the verdict that vaping is just as bad as cigarettes. I can hear circus music.




CREEPY – Get the Vape Off Your Back (Walking Dead)

Yikes. Who came up with this idea? I feel like I need a cigarette after watching this.




Classic Fortnite Cringe

Let’s go back to our classics. Like variations on a theme. Can’t go wrong with a fortnite meme for making yourself feel more out of touch from the youth of today’s world. #dab – According to reddit users, this was ironically created, but I’ve seen close variations of these posted unironically. Let’s honor it.





Stay tuned for the next episode.


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