iJoy Diamond VPC Starter Kit Review

iJoy Diamond VPC Starter Kit Review

Greetings, vaper. We’re back with another vape review. This time, we’ll be looking at a starter kit / pod system. You heard that right, my friend. You may be asking yourself, “how is this possible?” I’m here to tell you, it is. Now, asking if it’s a good product would yield a different response. I don’t know that yet, but I will open up the package, prime it, take it for a whirl and give you my honest thoughts (and probably a lot of complaints).


The iJoy Diamond VPC starter kit / pod system is a very small but powerful device. Boasting a built-in 1400mAh battery, and a box mod pushing up to 45W of maximum output, your taste buds will meet an avalanche of vapor – at least that’s what the word around town implies. After I give you my review, I will also provide a pro and cons list from other experts. I hope you get a bird’s eye view of the iJoy Diamond VPC and decide how this product fares under unbiased scrutiny.


But first, let’s dismember it and place it under the microscope:



  • Dimensions: 60 x 34 x 27.5 mm
  • Display: 0.66” OLED Screen
  • Battery: Integrated 1400mAh Rechargeable Battery
  • Voltage Output Range (Pod Mode): 2.5 – 3.8V
  • Wattage Output Range (Power Mode): 5 – 45W
  • Diameter: 19mm
  • Juice Capacity: 2.0mL
  • Coil Ratings: 1.0ohm Coils (rated for 10 – 15W)



  • Innovative Pod Atomizer Adapter
  • Ceramic Coils
  • Convenient Side-Fill Design
  • Slim Drip Tip for MTL Usage
  • 510 Connection
  • Compact & Ergonomic Design
  • Intuitive Oversized Diamond-Shaped Firing Button
  • Available in Green, Purple, Gunmetal, Black, White, Gold, Red, Blue, Stainless Steel, & Rainbow


Packaging & Aesthetics:

It’s time to open this up. The starter kit includes the Bae 45W box mod, the VPC unipod, a spare unipod (big thumbs up right here!), a MicroUSB charging cable, user manual and a warrant card. It’s your standard packaging – nothing new. Kudos to iJoy for adding a spare unipod. You also receive a lanyard cable. I want to mention that other expert reviewers encountered different setups, some didn’t include spare pods. I just wanted to let you know.


Pod & Coils:

Let’s dig a little deeper. I’m holding the VPC unipod and it offers a side-fill port that appears like it’s ready to create a leaky mess. I hate this side-fill port and the stopper doesn’t plug the port well. The coil is ceramic and supposedly ideal for a mouth to lung vaping experience. The coil offers a 1.0ohm resistance and is rated for 10W up to 15W. The vape juice reservoir packs up to 2mL of e-liquid and it’s time to fill it up! I’m pouring Churrios by Milkman (my all-time fave).


The pod mouthpiece is pleasant and form-fitting. Screwing the 510 is seamless and snapping the pod into it is easy. Assembling each part is conveniently effortless. I want to note that the cartridge adapter allows JUUL pods. You simply place the adapter into the atomizer and stick your favorite JUUL pod into it. It fits perfectly, as it should – except now your battery won’t run out with just a handful of puffs.


Mod & Performance:

Moving on to the box mod, let’s begin with impressive battery life. Imagine SEVEN times the battery life of a JUUL! That’s right, you get 1400mAh of battery power. It’s also rechargeable and built-in (no batteries required). The box mod is 27.5mm thick, 34mm wide, and 60mm tall. Yes, that is very small. The plate that holds the pod sticks up from the mod, leaving a space between the box mod and the unipod.


A convenient and huge firing button sits on the side. Several holes on the bottom of the mod provide venting to prevent overheating. Don’t forget, there’s a lanyard connector on the opposite side from the firing button. The display is your standard five-click screen, with an antiquated design. It’s not terrible, but it’s not innovative either. Switching between modes is easy and the buttons are clicky. You can shake your device and find very little button rattling.


Overall Experience:

Mediocrity in starter kit form, that should be this product’s tagline. I was unimpressed, despite all the embellishments. The bells and whistles seem unnecessary. They stifle whatever glimpse of a positive experience it offered at any point during its inception. I’m being harsh on it, but after trying iJoys before, I must admit, my expectations were high. It’s an okay kit but there are far better devices out there waiting to give you a much more awesome experience.


Pros & Cons:

Now that you have my thoughts out in the open, in plain sight, here is also a collection (a gathering of sorts) of pros and cons. It’s a collective consensus from other popular experts. This way, I hope you can study at a quick glance what is good and bad about this device that will help you make a choice whether or not to purchase it. If something I’m reviewing sucks, I’ll tell you, but that doesn’t mean everybody agrees with me. This includes you.


Let’s press on:


Reviewer: [Vape Ranks] 


  • Convenient pod compatibility
  • Terrific build quality that feels sturdy
  • Compact and portable
  • User-friendly
  • Attractive colors
  • Incredible battery life


  • The VPC pod is mediocre at best
  • Slight spit back
  • The menu system is lame
  • No spares
  • Too many unnecessary embellishments for a pod system


Reviewer: [Spin Fuel]


  • Powerful integrated battery (rechargeable)
  • Lightweight, portable and compact
  • Magnificent OLED screen
  • Intuitive firing button
  • Excellent for mouth to lung vaping
  • Quality craftsmanship and aesthetically amazing
  • Responsive menu system and operation
  • The unipods are versatile and offer great flavor


  • Too small of a device
  • No spares
  • 510 connector is not tight (it wobbles a bit)


Reviewer: [eCigClick UK]


  • User-friendly and incredibly portable
  • Lanyard included for easy carry
  • 510 connector allows other tanks (if you desire to swap)
  • The insanely good battery life of 1400mAh – which is 7 times the JUUL’s


  • Only one pod included
  • The device doesn’t lock – you must turn on or off


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