iFill Disposable Pod Device Review

For all vapers out there, discover the brand new flavorful iFill disposable bar! Ifill is a disposable smoking device that contains 5% nicotine salt with a 1.3mL capacity. With about 300 puffs per device, you'll be enhanced with a vibrant escape.

Ifill comes in many different flavors including red apple, banana ice, melon ice, cool mint, grape, blue razz, lush ice, strawberry banana, mango, and blueberry ice. Each flavor gives you the exact head change you need. No need to purchase refillable e-juice or liquids, as this product is designed to enjoy in the moment and toss away when it’s done.

A blue LED light will appear at the bottom of the device every time you take a hit. When the blue light flashes, it is indicating that the device is empty and it is time to purchase another one! This device was created for the convenience of you, making it easy to puff and perfect to travel anywhere with its lightweight and small size.

To make your ifill disposable last longer here are a couple tips to help.

  • 1. Take small hits Taking smaller hits can make your device last longer because it will not dry out the wicking system in your device. You want to get the most for your money, therefore smaller hits can help make it last longer and still keep you in the clouds.
  • 2. Purchase multiple ifill disposables at the same time It is never a good feeling when your device dies and you’re stuck empty handed. Purchasing multiple ifill disposables at a time will keep you at a steady pace. You can rotate different flavors depending on your mood. Since each disposable contains about 300 puffs, this won’t make your device last longer, but you won’t be relying on only one bar! When one dies out, simply grab the next one in rotation.
  • 3. Vape less often As obvious as this may seem, vaping less keeps your device running longer with stronger hits. If you’re smoking your ifill often, each hit could eventually taste burnt. To prevent this from happening, take a few hits every hour to keep your device lasting with strong puffs. Enjoy vaping the new ifill disposable bar!

Enjoy vaping the new ifill disposable bar!

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