Geek Vape Alpha Sub-Ohm Tank Review

Geek Vape Alpha Sub-Ohm Tank

In the never-ending battle for sub-ohm tank supremacy, there’s a few heavyweights that get name-dropped on a regular basis. By now, we’re all familiar with the HorizonTech Falcon and the FreeMax Mesh Pro, but is there room in this elite pantheon for another contender? Is there a tank from perhaps a slightly lesser-known brand that can hold its own when stacked up against the very best the market has to offer? Who knows! Today, we’re talking about the Geek Vape Alpha Sub-Ohm Tank, available on its own or paired up with the Nova Mod from Geek Vape. Let’s see how it holds up under scrutiny.



  • Diameter: 25mm
  • Juice Capacity:0mL
  • Coil Ratings 0.15ohm MM X1 Single (rated for 60 – 110W), 0.4ohm MM X2 Dual (rated for 50 – 80W)
  • Material: Stainless Steel & Resin
  • Drip Tip: 810 Resin



  • Egyptian Cotton Wicking Material
  • Designed with Geek Vape MeshMellow Coil System in Mind
  • Dual Adjustable Airflow
  • Switchblade-style top-fill



Mike Vapes


  • One of the best-looking resin tanks on the market
  • Great top-fill system
  • Nice 810 drip tip
  • Flavorful right from the start
  • Pretty quiet airflow
  • Flavor is easily as good as the best tanks out there



  • Top-Fill needs to break in a little bit
  • No information on coil material




  • Smooth airflow
  • Flavor is good
  • Can handle a lot more wattage than it claims it can
  • Overall construction is fairly nice
  • Button-slide top-fill system is great, easy, and super clicky
  • Very secure and doesn’t leak
  • Overall vape quality is pretty fantastic



  • A bit restricted airflow
  • A little on the loud side
  • A bit spit-backy on the single coil


DJLsb Vapes


  • One of the best-looking tanks
  • Spotless build quality and machining
  • Top-fill system works really well, seals really well, and is super convenient
  • Both included coils perform extremely well
  • On par with Falcon for flavor
  • Absolutely no break-in time
  • Smooth and quiet airflow



  • Coils take up a lot of room in the tank
  • Capacity is a bit limited



In case you didn’t catch it by reading through those pros and cons lists, we’ve got ourselves a contender here, boys. When some of the harshest critics in the game say that a tank holds up to the Falcon in terms of flavor, it should definitely pique your interest. But, as always, we’ll save the best for last. First – let’s hear about the cons.


The cons are a pretty scattered and nitpicky lot, but it’s safe to say that the biggest con with the Alpha is its limited juice capacity. With only 4.0mL of e-liquid capacity, it’s definitely among the worst in that category, especially given the size of the tank. Now, the tank isn’t all that big, it’s just that the coils certainly are, meaning they occupy a whole lot of space inside the tank, ergo less room for liquid. Bummer.


Next, the top-fill system might need a couple tries before it really breaks in and swings open easily. The airflow is a bit more restricted than other devices in this category and… that’s about it. We really did our best to dig up some cons on this for you, but it just ain’t that easy.


Finally, what we’re all here for. Does the Alpha de-throne the Falcon and the Mesh Pro? Well… maybe?


The flavor on this tank is absolutely on par with the very best. Yes, with the single mesh coil it 100% holds up to, and potentially even outshines, the Falcon. Those are big words, but when every reviewer out there is saying it, it’s safe to print. You’ll be absolutely blown away and satisfied by this flavor.


The top-fill system is another thing reviewers can’t stop talking about. Top-fill systems are so simple and yet so few manufacturers really get them right. The screw-off method of the Falcon is notable, obviously, but so many companies have switched to a really unsatisfying slide-to-fill design. While this is fine, it leaves your tank a little vulnerable to leaking or coming open in your pocket. Not an issue with the Alpha. Their top-fill includes a button and swing-out system which operates a little bit like a switchblade. Push the button and the top cap flies open. Push the cap back in and it snaps satisfyingly back into place for a really secure and leakproof top-fill.


The airflow is fantastic on the Alpha as well. While some reviews differ on this point, the general consensus is that this tank’s airflow is among the quietest and smoothest. Of course, we’re still talking about mesh coils here, so it’s not exactly going to be stealthy, but the air feels smooth and consistent rather than turbulent and whistling.


And finally: build quality. Geek Vape is known for putting thought and craftmanship into their products. The Geek Vape Alpha is just another example of this. It’s sturdy, built to last, and is also subjectively very beautiful. The hybrid style combines both resin and stainless steel in a very classy and understated way, making it really nice to look at.


So there it is, boys: a handful of glowing reviews for the Geek Vape Alpha. I know, it always pays to be skeptical when you hear people name-dropping the big boys in the sub-ohm tank game, but we seem to have a genuine contender here. The Geek Vape Alpha Sub-Ohm Tank really checks all the boxes on any vaper’s list if you’re looking to vape right around 70 – 100 watts. For your money, you really can’t beat the Alpha. If you’ve already got a Falcon, you might be excused for not picking this tank up. If you don’t have a top-tier sub-ohm tank though, grab this one – it’s amazing.