Eleaf iStick Rim Kit Review

Eleaf iStick Rim Kit

Another innovative design from the company known for their sleek and stylish vape devices, the Eleaf iStick Rim is an all-new mod paired with their Melo 5 Tank. The kit includes a couple of Eleaf’s coils, with one rated for high-power vaping at 0.15ohms and the other rated for 0.6ohms and lower power consumption. With a nicely beveled, almost stick-like design, the Eleaf iStick Rim is sure to stand out visually, but does the performance match the style? Read through the specs and features below, and then join us as we dive down into the nitty-gritty with our reviews.




  • Size: 52 x 27 x 83mm
  • Battery: Integrated 3000mAh
  • Juice Capacity: 4.0mL
  • Wattage: <80W
  • Coil Ratings: 0.15ohm EC-M (rated for 30 – 75W0, 0.6ohm EC-S (rated for 15 – 30W)


  • 510 Connection
  • USB Type-C Charging
  • Firmware Upgrades
  • Dry-Burn Protection



Mike Vapes


-          Rubber guard is great

-          Slide & push top-fill

-          Good airflow

-          Attractive mod style

-          USB-C charging

-          Ergonomic rubber grip

-          No temperature control or other extraneous features

-          Good battery life



-          Bottom charging port

-          High wattage coil significantly underperforms

-          Flavor only 7/10


DJLsb Vapes


-          Really good flavor on both coils

-          No dry hits

-          Incredibly fast charging

-          Very comfortable & ergonomic

-          Centered 510 – attractive appearance



-          Whistles on certain airflow settings

-          Dry hit protection can cut you off prematurely if doing MTL vaping

-          Bottom charging port

-          Charging controls would be nice to select slower charging in order to preserve battery longevity




-          Rubber grip is nice & ergonomic

-          Great shape & look

-          USB-C Charging

-          Good battery life

-          Good top-fill

-          Coils vape great



-          Screen is a little simplistic and older-looking

-          Bottom charging port



All-in-all, not a bad device! While there were, as always, some minor issues with this kit, there’s more good than bad here, so let’s begin with the list of cons and get that out of the way.


Eleaf, why put your charging port on the bottom of your device? Sure, it looks nice and all, but literally nobody wants to lay down their vape while it’s charging; it’s just not convenient. The reviewers claimed to have no leaking issues, but why push your luck? Other than that, the only real issues noted by reviewers were fairly minor. There’s some whistling on certain airflow settings and the dry hit protection can kick in accidentally if you take primer puffs while vaping MTL. Mike noted that the higher wattage coil underperformed pretty significantly, in his opinion, and rated the tank’s flavor at a lowly 7 out of 10. If you’re a big flavor-chaser, this may not be for you.


On the other hand, this bad boy includes the coveted USB Type-C charging, meaning it can charge from zero to full in only 30 minutes. With a 3000mAh battery, that’s absolutely insane and super convenient. The device, by all accounts, feels absolutely beautiful in the hand. It’s nicely rounded with an attractive and convenient rubber grip which just locks it right into the palm of your hand. It’s also very attractive. The colors and form factor look great, along with a centered 510 for that nice symmetry.


Overall, the iStick Rim Kit might be a good choice for those looking to transition into “box mods” from smaller stick devices. It’s also good for people who want something a bit more portable than some of the larger kits out there. On the other hand, while most reviewers had no complaints about the flavor or the coils, there was a bit of dissent on the flavor of the iStick Rim. If flavor is your primary concern, you may want to think twice or find a way to try this tank out before committing.

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