E-Cig Expo On August 20-22, 2020, Shenzhen

Recent news has led us to believe that all countries are going to ban flavored nicotine products and tobacco to reduce the amount of users and health related issues. As a number of countries are moving forward with the ban including Australia, America, Jordan and more.  Asia however, is taking e-cigarettes to the next level!

On August 20-22, 2020, Shenzhen, Asia will host their fifth annual e-cig expo. The original date was set back earlier in the year, but due to COVID-19 the plans had to change. Starting in 2015, IECIE-Shenzhen stop has become one of the most influential electronic cigarette expos in the world. This event is estimated to attract 90,000 professional visitors from around the world to promote an incredible platform of e-cig technology and brands. So if you are a die hard vape fanatic, this event is perfect for you!

The organizers of the IECIE e-Cig expo, Informa Markets Creative, have come to a conclusion to also feature a new virtual expo held at the same time. Due to travel limitations from the Corona Virus, the event will attract more users who are unable to travel by being a part of the event virtually. The online event is estimated to attract over 30,000 vape users across the globe, bringing in thousands of vape exhibitors to proceed to engage more business online. The virtual showcase is specially designed to allow private business chats, discussions with vape brands, and live product showcases on the floor of the event. 

The purpose of this event is to showcase all the new vapes and e-cigs that are launching for 2020. The event will have demonstrators describing the vape and showcasing how to use them. This is a great way to understand more about vapes and the engineering behind it to see how they actually function. You will be able to see on first hand experience what it is like to smoke the newest vape and what the pros and con entail. 

Visitors are able to long into the virtual expo and explore all the vape brands, device profiles, and product catalogs as of July 20th until August 20th. Previewing products and business meetings between visitors and exhibitors will be available, just make sure you are constantly checking the catalog for dates and times of specific showcaseings. On the other hand, private meetings will be carried out during the expos expected date of August 20-22nd. Those will be closed off to the public unless notified.  

The Shenzhen IECIE eCig Expo is one of the largest e-cigarettes exhibition in Asia, bringing all vapors together with upstream industries, battery and power management Chips and Solutions, Coils, heating systems, e-juice or e-liquid flavors, and all other related products. This event will feature all the latest technologies and feature live brand meetings to listen in on future creations. With video chat and texts chats to communicate, you will be able to voice your opinion and leave productive feedback.  

Let the countdown begin to all fun and exciting adventures the IECIE eCig Expo has in store! 

How does it work exactly?

Buyer recommendation system

When you log on the virtual expo, you will be asked a select of questions ranging from your vape interest such as mods, pods, kits, tanks, coils, etc… You will also be asked about specific brands that interest you and other businesses. With this information, the virtual system can filter what best matches your tastes and preferences for all exhibitors. 

Show room

The showroom consists of many platforms that are broadcasted live ensuring clean and clear video during the expo. The IECIE virtual expo features a video chat, voice chat, texting, and on-site broadcasting to watch live at the event. 

Business matching calendar

The business matching calendar (system) creates appointments for negotiations, media platforms, communication with buyers, and arrange private product showcasing for visitors to enjoy. Each meeting will contain the live video, voice, and text chatting to ask questions or leave comments. 

Notifications for SMS and Email

Once you are confirmed for this event, visitors will receive sms and emails to remind them of upcoming showcases, or inform them on the business meetings that have been approved for them to join. Visitors will receive these notifications via SMS and email. 

Multi platform login system

Any device will be able to login during this expo as it is a world wide community event. The multi platform system includes phone app, wechat, web page, miniprogram, and all social media sharing sites. 


Tickets for this year's IECIE expo will be 10 USD for early bird purchasing before July 20th, and 20 USD for regular purchase after July 20th. Due to travel conditions, the virtual expo will be the same price. Tickets are already on sale, so be sure to purchase yours today, and enjoy the IECIE eCig expo! 



  • Chips and Solutions                                   
  • Battery and Power Management                                   
  • Heating System and Temperature Tolerance Configuration: Ceramic/Metal Heating Device               
  • E-juice Flavors and Related Products: PG/VG, Bottles, Labels and Printing, Anti-counterfeiting Technology.                          
  • Packaging and Related Equipment: such as Plastic Structure, Laser Printing, Automation Equipment, Filling Machine, etc.
  • New Materials and Technologies: Ceramic Materials, Waterproof Materials, Nanomaterials 
  • Industrial Design
  • Supply Chain Services and Others

End products:                                  

  • Disposal pods
  • Pods-system
  • Atomizers
  • Mod devices     
  • Heat-not-burn devices    
  • E-liquids (including nic-salt liquids)   
  • OEM/ODM/brands             


  • Intelligence property                                   
  • Testing                                   
  • Logistics                                   
  • Promotion                                   
  • E-commerce                                   

Targeted Visitors:                                   

  • Brands, manufacturers
  • Distributors, wholesalers
  • Online/offline vape shops
  • Online shopping platforms, e-commerce companies, global traders, gift wholesalers
  • Chain stores
  • Global group buyers
  • Global tobacco companies
  • Vapers, reviewers, KOL