Aspire K Lite Review

Aspire K Lite Review

Alright, folks, here we are with another MTL device designed for easy, portable use and targeted at beginners. If you’ll remember, Aspire has a long history of producing high-quality MTL devices, from their Nautilus tank to their recent Cleito tanks, mouth-to-lung vaping has long been a hallmark of the Aspire company. With this latest device, it seems they’re taking their expertise with MTL and directed it into an entry-level, portable AIO system – and they did it without making a vape shaped like a walkie-talkie! Points for originality of design, at the very least, right out the gate. Let’s find out what else is going on with the K Lite, and whether it’s for you.



  • Dimensions: 75 x 26.5 x 17mm
  • Battery: Integrated 900mAh
  • Voltage Output Range:0 – 5.0V
  • Resistance Range:8 – 3.0ohm
  • Juice Capacity:0mL
  • Coil Ratings:6ohm Coil (rated for 6 – 11W), 1.8ohm coil (rated for 9 – 13W)



  • Adjustable Voltage
  • Dual-Slotted MTL Airflow Control
  • Compatible with Aspire BVC & Spryte Coils



Charles Manthy


  • Ergonomic
  • Very nice for both MTL & restricted DTL
  • Attractive looking
  • Very portable
  • Great flavor
  • Highly adjustable


  • Doesn’t stand well on its own
  • Only 2.0mL capacity


Vaping Insider


  • Very small, portable, & discreet
  • Genuine MTL airflow range
  • Great flavor
  • Simple & easy to use
  • Smooth, quiet airflow @ each level
  • Adjustable voltage



  • Tiny juice capacity
  • Super top-heavy and easy to tip over
  • No spare glass included
  • USB port located on bottom of device


Vape Mill


  • Can change the coil with a partially full tank
  • Looks really nice
  • Amazing flavor
  • Can handle thicker juices
  • Charges quickly



  • USB charge port on bottom



While the K Lite isn’t going to be replacing your box mod setup any time soon, there is definitely a place for a device like this on the market. While most experienced vapers will tend towards more complex pod systems with greater versatility and customization, the Aspire K Lite provides just enough. New vapers won’t be intimidated by its systems, but they’ll have enough control over their vape experience to truly enjoy themselves. This vape doesn’t do it all, but what it does do, it does well.


Starting off with the cons, as always, but this shouldn’t take too long. One of the most annoying design issues with the Aspire K Lite is that it’s a very long, slender, and top-heavy system. If you like to put your mod on your desk and leave it standing up, you’ll find it quite challenging to do so here. A gentle breeze is all it takes to knock over the K Lite, which is annoying. To make matters worse, Aspire has not included a spare glass in the box, meaning that if it breaks, you’re off to buy a whole new system. Granted, the K Lite isn’t particularly expensive, but a spare glass would save a lot of hassle for the clumsier vapers out there (like me).


Next, the USB charging port is on the bottom of the device, not the side. If you’re a fan of these reviews, you know that if my second item on the “cons” list is the location of the charge port, the vape in question is doing pretty well. The location of the USB is definitely nitpicky, but there’s really no reason they couldn’t have placed it on the side. I’m not the only vaper who hates having to lay my device down to charge it.


Other than that, there’s not a whole lot to complain about. The 2.0mL capacity isn’t great, and you’re going to find yourself refilling this kit a lot, but it’s honestly not a lot smaller than other kits out there.


On to the pros, then, let’s start with its form factor. Not only did they opt out of the ever-popular walkie-talkie style, the shape and design of the K Lite is really nice. It’s slender and lightweight, making it perfect for slipping into pockets, purses, or bags. It also looks pretty nice. There’s nothing flashy going on, but that’s honestly a pro for a small AIO like this. The use case for the K Lite is not one in which people are looking to draw a bunch of attention to themselves.


Then, we get the actual vape itself. The draw is fantastic and super smooth at each of its airflow settings. Whether wide open or closed off, you get a full range of authentic MTL airflow, perfect for people transitioning from cigarettes. You’re never going to be chucking huge clouds with something like this, but nobody should expect that either.


Perhaps most importantly of all, you get great flavor with the K Lite. On both coils, you can go up to 5.0V, which provides a satisfying, warm vape with tons of flavor.


Final Thoughts

The device is simple and straightforward, and so is this review. This is a beginners device, pure and simple. If you’re an experienced vaper looking for something portable, there’s likely not enough here for you. Adjustable voltage and airflow are definitely nice, but you’ll still be limited by the coil options and overall size of this kit.


On the other hand, beginning vapers will love this thing. From its MTL cigarette-like draw to its flavor reproduction to its adjustable voltage, there’s just enough settings here to provide beginners with an introduction to vaping. At the same time, it’s super easy to use and simply designed so new vapers won’t be overwhelmed or confused. Great for beginners, not great for experienced vapers. That’s it!


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