7 Best Fall Vape Flavors

7 Best Fall Vape Flavors

Rest in peace, Summer. It’s bedtime for you. Fall is finally here and I’m already getting my pumpkin out for celebratory purposes. My favorite part about the cooler climate is the way vapor tastes. The billows of vapor have a soother sensation in my gullet. But I’m biased because I live in California where I roast on a daily basis. These cold days are somewhat rare in this part of the Americas. But I digress.


Today, we will take a look at the best autumn vape flavours. It’s time to take advantage of this nice sweater weather with luscious clouds of the tastiest e-liquids out there. Don’t worry, I won’t make you vape pumpkin-flavored e-liquid, or some sort of Halloween-themed licorice flavor that will make you vomit. I promise I’ll keep it sweet and smooth (with the occasional earthy flavor of tobacco leaves).


During cold weather, there are certain flavor notes that will remind you of a different climate where you’d rather be. Or, it will accentuate (and enhance) the current weather. For example, when it’s chilly outside and you puff on some menthol; it can be nice and refreshing (especially when there are hints of fruits in the e-liquid). Other times, the thought of menthol while you’re freezing your ass off sounds about as desirable as smoking illicit THC oil in front of a police station in Michigan.


Generally speaking, Autumn isn’t as cold as Winter, but it allows for a wider variety of flavors to welcome into your taste buds. Tobacco is one of the common ones. As a former cigar smoker here, cold weather is prime stogie time. There’s something about the sharp coldness of Winter accompanied by warm garlands of cigar smoke. So tasteful and thick, it almost makes me want to relapse right now and puff on a Cohiba.


Not everybody enjoys the same flavors, of course, but we will still gather seven delicious e-liquids that enhance or complement the cooler Fall climate. I hope one of these strikes a tasty chord with your taste buds. We’re taking inspiration from everything Fall related, including pastries, apples, creams, and other robust flavors.


The Best E-Liquid Flavors For Fall (Staff Picks):


best fall vape flavors

Tobacco Trail by Cuttwood

This one blends honey with full-bodied tobacco leaves. What I like about this flavor is that it’s warm, well-rounded but it doesn’t overwhelm you with tobacco bitterness. The honey isn’t too in your face, either. It’s perfectly balanced, as all things should be. You can vape this by your fireplace like a real man (or woman).


best fall vape flavors

The One Apple by Beard Vape Co.

Imagine a blend of apple pie, cinnamon, and slight creamy notes of milk. Not quite 4th of July style, but ideal for our purposes. The sweetness might be a little too strong for some but those with a vaping sweet tooth swear by this bad boy. The bottle also comes in a 100mL bottle that will last you a while. I puff on this like crazy and it’s still holding up.


best fall vape flavors

Blueberry by Johnny Creampuff

This flavor isn’t just blueberry. The blend includes custard and cream as well. You get nice, tarty blueberries blended smoothly with creamy notes of buttery custard. Delicious is an understatement. Epic is an overstatement. It lands somewhere in the middle.


best fall vape flavors

Birthday Cake by Kilo Black Series

It doesn’t have to be your nameday to celebrate with freshly baked goodies. The flavor notes include frosting, custard, and cream. When combined, you’re met with the classic flavor of birthday cake (minus the calories). Cut me a piece.


best fall vape flavors

Cool Mint by The Finest E-Liquid

If you want to enhance the coolness of the recently arrived waves of eastern winds, cool mint flavors will make it nice and fresh. There’s an oddly pleasant sensation when refreshing your taste buds while it’s cold AF outside. Or is it just me?


best fall vape flavors

Choco Cream by Cookie King

Do I need to describe this one? Seriously? The Choco Cream features chocolate cookies packed richly with vanilla cream. Imagine dipping a cookie in cold milk and savoring it slowly. This is what it’s like. Terrific blend of flavors considering how predictable you think it’s gonna be. It’s not. It’s even better.


best fall vape flavors

Cuban Cigar by BLVK Unicorn TBCO Series

Okay, okay, I know what you’re thinking. This one is not gonna please you all. But it’s one of my go-tos when I want to snuggle into a warm blanket. My taste buds crave the full-bodied tobacco flavor and reminisce on what it was like to smoke a real cigar. The earthy, smooth tones of flavors caressing my palate at each puff. I can only remember the good times after they’ve gone past me. It’s not that dark, though. A touch of vanilla is gently added into the mix, creating a delectable concoction.


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