Teslacigs Punk 220W Box Mod Review

With its “Punk” line of products, Teslacigs have really crafted a unique style. Each of these mods and devices are immediately recognizable and are sure to spark conversation wherever you go. Historically, however, Teslacigs have created vapes which are more than just stylistic expressions – they usually put out quality kits. It’s time to break down the Punk 220W Box Mod and find out if this mod lives up to the hype or if all those flashing lights are just there to distract you from a disappointing vape.



  • Display: 96” OLED Screen
  • Material: Zinc-Alloy
  • Battery: Dual 18650
  • Wattage Range: 7 – 220W
  • Minimum Resistance:05ohm
  • Temperature Range: 200 – 600F



  • TCR / Temp Control
  • Soft, Normal, Hard, & User Taste Options
  • RGB LED Lights
  • Transparent Steampunk Design
  • Bottom-Loaded Sliding Battery Door



Jai Haze


  • Hits really well
  • Great reliable chipset
  • Design is very cool



  • A bit gimmicky with the gears and the LEDs
  • Door could use a re-design
  • Extremely heavy


DJLsb Vapes


  • Insanely fast ramp-up
  • Really well built and nicely finished
  • Looks really nice & impressive
  • Solid 510 connector
  • Option to disable LED
  • Super bright screen
  • Very thick & solid PG panels
  • Absolutely no button rattle



  • Extremely heavy
  • Off-centered 510 connection
  • Slight tank overhang


Mike Vapes


  • Gorgeous steampunk design
  • LED can be shut off
  • Tremendous build quality
  • Really nice buttons w/ no rattle
  • Immediate firing
  • Power feels accurate
  • No temperature control issues


  • Heavy device
  • Slight overhang with tanks
  • Off-centered 510 connection



The Teslacigs Punk 220W Box Mod is a nice, solid device – emphasis on the “solid”. We’ll start out with the cons, as usual, before breaking down, in more detail, why you may very well want to pick this box mod up for your collection.


The primary issues with the Punk Box Mod are about as clear and straightforward as it gets. Each reviewer had the same things to pick on, and in each case they agreed that the pros outweigh these relatively minor issues. Such as they are, here are the cons with the Punk.


First off, it’s a really heavy mod. Like… really heavy. There doesn’t seem to be a clear indication why it’s so heavy, but it could be all the superfluous design elements like the gears and the LED lights. In any case, it’s a really thick boy, so keep that in mind.


Next, the 510 connection is off-center. With the Punk, that’s a whole con unto itself. With other box mods, we’d likely gloss over something like this entirely, but there’s not a whole lot wrong with this device. So, there it is: an off-centered 510 leaves the tank all the way off to one side and this may bother some people. It also leads directly into our third and final con: you get a bit of overhang with tanks. When we say “a bit”, we’re literally talking about like 0.5 – 1mm of overhang. It’s so tiny that it’s hardly noticeable and it’s only on the beveled side of the mod, so you won’t feel it at all in your hands while vaping.


But that’s it. It’s all pros from here on out. The design looks great. Assuming you’re into steampunk (which of course you are, why else would you be reading this review??), the aesthetics of this box mod are going to blow you away. Real craftmanship and care went into this mod’s design and it just looks cool as hell. It’s also got LED lights which could theoretically be a con, if you hate lights and fun, but you can completely turn these off if you don’t like them, so they’re just a pro. Have them on if you like ‘em, turn them off if you don’t. It’s a win-win!


The build quality is fantastic as well, with zero button rattle anywhere. The transparent PG panels on the side are incredibly thick and durable with no signs of weakness.


As for the chipset, it may be nothing cutting-edge or super exciting to talk about, but it’s a good, reliable chipset which has worked for Teslacigs in the past and continues to work for them here. You get a really nice, bright screen with easily navigable menus and all the features you’d expect, i.e. temp control, curve adjustments, etc. For those who still care about firing rate, the Punk Mod also fires up just about instantly.


Alright then, all aboard the Teslacigs Steampunk Dirigible. The Punk 220W Box Mod is a pretty clear winner. There’s two entirely valid reasons to not pick this mod up and those are as follows: 1. You hate steampunk. In this case, feel free to pass on this mod, but also why did you waste your time reading all this?? 2. Heavy devices are a dealbreaker. There are some very real situations where lifting a device as heavy as this box mod can become a real pain for certain vapers. If that’s the case, you definitely want to pick up something a little bit lighter and more portable. But other than those two specific scenarios, the Teslacigs Punk 220W Box Mod is a great mod with very few drawbacks. Check it out for yourself.


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