Sigelei Sobra Starter Kit Review

Sigelei Sobra Starter Kit Review

At long last, Sigelei has heard the cries of so many vapers out there who have always wanted a vape that looks exactly like a cobra. What’s that? Nobody has ever said they needed a vape with red, glowing snake eyes built into it? Well… they made this thing anyway, so we’re going to review it and you’re going to like it. Or maybe you won’t, but either way it’s happening. Anyway, it’s a snake-shaped mod available in a bunch of snake-themed colors and designs. With a striking design and Sigelei’s history of decent-to-great products, there’s definitely some hope for this starter kit, even among those who aren’t ophidiophiles. Let’s find out what there is to like about this thing.



  • Dimensions: 9 x 55.4 x 39.5mm
  • Battery: Dual 18650
  • Wattage Range: 10 – 198W
  • Voltage Range:0 – 7.5V
  • Resistance Range:05 – 3.0ohm
  • Temperature Range: 200 – 570F
  • Display:3” TFT Color Screen
  • Juice Capacity:5mL/5.0mL – bubble glass
  • Coil Ratings:25ohm MS (rated for 60 – 80W), 0.2ohm MS-H (rated for 60 – 120W)



  • Power/TCR Modes
  • Illuminated LED Snake Eyes
  • Sigelei Moonshot 120 Coil System
  • Threaded Top-Fill System
  • Dual Adjustable Airflow Ring
  • Gold-Plated 510 Connection



Mike Vapes


  • Good juice capacity
  • Flavor is good
  • Feels good in the hand
  • Flashing lights on top are cool



  • Ultem tip and top cap doesn’t match the rest of the kit
  • Mod seems to frequently reset the resistance and jumps around
  • Fire button feels cheap and rattles when firing
  • +/- buttons not in white
  • Kind of a gaudy appearance
  • Limited to <25mm tanks
  • Up/down buttons are hard to see & not intuitive
  • Can’t handle chain vaping at higher wattage


Jai Haze


  • Feels pretty good in the hand
  • Threading & O-rings are among the best ever
  • Extremely nice airflow control
  • Very good, comfortable shape



  • Super ugly Ultem drip tip
  • “Absolutely horrendous looking”
  • Fingerprint magnet
  • Looks & feels cheap
  • Screen options ugly & outdated
  • No way to shut off the LED lights
  • Flavor is absolutely terrible


DJLsb Vapes


  • Coil flavor is somewhat impressive 6.5/10
  • Lots of extra parts included
  • Super smooth airflow
  • Centered 510 connection
  • Very comfortable & ergonomic
  • Very bright & colorful screen
  • Really good, solid battery door



  • Not mesh coils included
  • Only fits <25mm tanks
  • No option to disable LED lights
  • Odd shape & appearance



Not quite enough to lure me out of the Garden of Eden, this serpent definitely has some issues but it’s also got a couple tricks up its sleeves. Hard to conclusively say whether this kit is good or bad, but let’s take each pro and con one by one to find out where we fall on this thing.


First con: the tank doesn’t use mesh coils. Yikes. It’s 2019 and we’re still seeing tanks not including mesh coils. Granted, this starter kit was released in 2018, but it’s not as if mesh coils hadn’t been invented at the time. A tank without mesh in the world of sub-ohm vaping is always going to fall short, so that’s all there is to say on that.


Aesthetically, there’s going to be some division among reviewers and readers. It’s shaped like a snake, complete with glowing red eyes. While the snake-like appearance is up to personal taste, it’s objectively a con that you cannot disable the red LED lights. For instance, I actually don’t mind that the mod is shaped like a snake, but I absolutely hate drawing attention to myself while vaping. The giant cloud is enough, I don’t need a lightshow too. For likeminded individuals, these permanent lights are bound to be a major con.


The Sobra is also a rather large box mod, making it somewhat disappointing that it can only handle 25mm tanks without any overhang. It seems as if Sigelei could have simply tapered it less towards the top and provided a broader base for larger tanks. While it makes sense for compact box mods to only handle smaller atomizers, if you’ve got the bulk to handle bigger tanks, you should definitely give consumers the option.


The menu screen is another issue. Reviewers pointed out that, although it’s certainly bright and colorful, it’s a rather unattractive menu. Even though you can choose from a few different presets, you’re stuck with the same kind of gaudiness that plagues the entire starter kit. There are also some issues with the mod reading coil resistances. While it seems accurate enough at first, the resistance it displays will vary wildly as you vape, often jumping 8 or 10 ohms after a single hit. While resistance fluctuation is a real thing that happens, it’s not likely that your stainless-steel coil is going from 0.2ohms to 0.31 after one hit. Not a huge impact on the vape quality, but definitely an issue that doesn’t inspire confidence in the chipset or the 510 connection.


On the plus side, you do get some decent flavor from the coils. As stated above, this tank isn’t using mesh coils and that’s always going to be something of a letdown, but the round wires function pretty well for what they are. The airflow is also very smooth at all points. Whether you open it up all the way or close it down tight, you’re not going to have to contend with any unseemly whistling or turbulence. On a similar note, the airflow control ring is perfectly calibrated, not giving you too much resistance nor sliding wildly around.


The mod itself is also quite comfortable and ergonomic. It feels great in the hands and proves that snakes have an ergonomic contour to their heads. This is why you should always grab cobras by their faces when you see them.


Final Thoughts

Well, there’s a lot going on with this starter kit, but do we recommend it? Yes and no. If you’re a person who genuinely loves the way this starter kit looks, absolutely go for it. It’s got some really nice features, but you would do well to check out the menu screen and also see if you can find a different tank that looks nice with the mod. A lack of mesh coils is something you’re definitely going to notice and be bummed about. To the people who just think it looks bad, there’s nothing here to really change your mind. It’s decent, but it’s not at all worth trying to overcome aesthetic choices you don’t like or agree with. Just buy this thing if you love snakes.


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