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New - Big Boy - Starss

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STARSS is a professional e-cigarette maker and distributor sailing from the Shenzhen province of China. A place where the vaping greats manufacture the very best products. They bring the most innovative e-cigarette products to over 40 countries around the globe. Shenzhen STARSS Technology Co., Ltd produces recyclable high-quality e-cigarette products, including pod systems, high-end mods, and many other product lines that crush the competition.

With over ten years in the industry, STARSS Technology has accumulated dozens of innovation patents. There is no doubt why they have been at the forefront of e-cigarette product innovation and making the very best products in the world. Their website shows their CE and RoHS certificates of conformity. This guarantees that each product is trustworthy, as it adheres to stringent quality standards. STARSS continues to build products that satisfy beginners and expert vapers alike.