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Blueberry Ice Puff Bar Disposable Pod Device 5%

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Ice blueberry is the star of this disposable vape. Enjoy 50 mg of sheer pleasure with each inhale. Puff Bar hits hard with their sleek disposable device.


  • 1x Blueberry Ice Bar Disposable Pod Device 5%


  • 10x (box of 10 packs) Blueberry Ice Puff Bar Disposable Pod Device 5% - Save $10

Breathe easy and enjoy the latest in disposable E-cigarettes. Puff Bar makes it simple to get your salt nic fix while you're on the go. You’ll enjoy a guaranteed 300 puffs of cool blueberry flavor with a gratifying nicotine taste. This disposable pod is low maintenance, requiring no charge or refilling.

The E-cigarette holds a powerful 280mAh Battery for repeated use. Have your fun and toss when done. Try one out today!

Blueberry Ice Puff Bar Disposable Pod Device 5%: Main Features

  • 280mAh Battery
  • 50mg (5% nicotine)
  • 1.3mL Salt Nic
  • Approx 300 puffs
  • Sleek, compact design
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