Yocan ARMOR Vaporizer Kit

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Enjoy the Yocan ARMOR Vaporizer Kit that will enhance your vaping experience for the better. The ARMOR features a 380mAh rechargeable battery, Yocan’s Quartz Dual Coil, and fires in a three-tiered voltage output. Every inhale will follow with large luscious clouds of milky vapor. 


The Yocan ARMOR Vaporizer Kit delivers an amazing flavor that overwhelms your palette and follows with large milky clouds. It operates by a single firing button that is easy to use while inhaling. The voltage output is adjustable to three different levels. The Vaporizer Kit features a 380mAh battery within its zinc alloy chassis. It includes a dual quartz coil wrap in a stainless steel healing element. A magnetic cap is located on the top of the device for easy and quick refills with no messes.

The LED indicators will display 1 light for 3.0V, 2 lights for 3.5V, and all 3 lights for 4.0V when you're ready for some serious cloud action. On the whole, all 3 of these voltages are a bit lower than your average settings on a wax pen.

The battery recharges via a USB charging cable so you won’t have to worry about getting near an outlet. As we’ve said, it was built to be ready. You can also connect the USB charging cable to a portable power bank if you need to juice your battery up when you’re out and about.

Featuring Micro USB charging and a 380mAh internal battery, the Armor can be fully charged in just 30 minutes. This device is one of kind, so be sure to purchase yours today at ProVape.com!


The Yocan ARMOR Vaporizer Kit: Specifications

  • Dual Coils with Quartz Glass Rods
  • 380mAh Internal Battery
  • Functional Coil Cap Prevents the Mouthpiece from Getting Hot
  • 10 Seconds of Continuous Heat
  • Heats Up Instantly
  • Takes 30 minutes to Charge with USB Charging Cable
  • Battery Voltage:  4.0V (when fully charged
  • Battery Wattage:  12W (when fully charged)
  • Max Atomizer Wattage: 12W (exceeding will damage the coil or shorten lifespan)
  • Atomizer Resistance: 0.8ohms
  • On/Off:  Click the power button 5 times within 2 seconds
  • Size: 112mm×14mm

The Yocan ARMOR Vaporizer Kit Package Includes: 

  • 1x Armor Pen
  • 1x  Extra QDC coil
  • 1x Pick Tool
  • 1x USB Cable
  • 1x Instructions Manual
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