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Vision Spinner III (3) S 1600mAh Battery

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The Spinner 3 1600mAh Battery by Vision is a highly-convenient battery that delivers 1600mAh of rechargeable power. The battery is protected by carbon fiber construction for long-lasting use. Compatible with Vision Spinner 3 Starter Kit.


  • 1x Spinner 3 Battery 1600mAh

The Spinner 3 1600mAh by Vision offers 1600mAh of rechargeable battery power and durable carbon fiber construction. The battery connects via 510 threading to the tank. There is a convenient spin dial located on the body for making quick voltage adjustments to your preference. Turn on/off the battery by clicking firing button five times.

The battery features output voltage ranging from 3.6 to 4.8V and the bottom scale demonstrates voltage output levels. The LED light indicator flashes different colors indicating charging levels: white for 60% to 100%, blue for 30% to 60%, and orange for 0% to 30%. When the battery is depleted, it will flash fifteen times. Multiple protections are in place to ensure device longevity: working time and short circuit protection.

SnowWolf Mfeng UX Box Mod Features & Specifications:

  • Nickel, Titanium, & Stainless Steel Compatibility
  • Temperature Coefficient of Resistance (TCR) Adjustments
  • Power Mode – Soft, Normal, & Hard
  • Customizable DIY Mode
  • Preheat Functionality
  • Available in Black/Gold, White/Gold, Space Blue, Red Chrome, Blue Chrome

Vision Spinner 3 1600mAh Battery Features & Specifications:

  • 510 Threading
  • 1600mAh Rechargeable Battery
  • Variable Voltage: 3.3 - 4.8V
  • Carbon Fiber Chassis Construction
  • White Button LED Light Color
  • Working Time Protection
  • Short-Circuit Protection
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