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Sense Orbit Replacement Coils 5PCS

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Sense uses the latest technology within the design of each coil, it’s mesh resistance has a high vaping heat element( 0.6ohm) it features large service areas that contact the wick allowing more e-Juice to be vaporized. The durability of the Kanthal coil is unmatched, made of a mix of aluminum and iron.


  • 5x Sense-Orbit-Replacement Coils

Sense-Orbit-Replacement Coil is a magnificent 5 pcs set which gives users two resistance coil options that both DL and MTL vapers will enjoy.

Each coil is carefully wrapped in the finest cotton wicking material which absorbs e-liquid expelling a powerful vape. Sense makes it simple to replace or clean the coil by twisting it on and off.

Get more use out of your vape and experience the freshest quality using Sense Orbit Replacement coils. Try yours today.

Sense Orbit - Replacement Coils: Main Features

  • Coil resistance: 0.6ohm Mesh Coil for DL (18- 23W)
  • 1.1ohm Kanthal Coil for MTL(10- 12.5W)
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