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We carry all the latest and most innovative hardware solutions from leading names in the industry. Whether you’re an experienced DIY enthusiast or a novice vaper, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for.

Our hardware inventory includes high-quality kits, pod systems, mods, coils, and tanks at competitive prices. You’ll find incredible deals on all the top brands, including VooPoo, SmokTech, Aspire, Vaporesso, and more.

If you’re looking to take your vaping to the next level, check out our impressive selection and get started today.

Vaporesso is a dominant force in the vaping industry thanks to their breakthrough innovative designs. They design and manufacture their own range of vape kits, atomizers, vape tanks, coils and vape mods & batteries. Vaporesso is one of the longest brands in the vaping industry. Vaporesso specializes in visually stunning innovative vape devices including mods, tanks, vaping kits and tools. Whether you’ve just started vaping or have been doing it for years. Vaporesso strives to make products that can fit all types of vapers.

Youup is one of the youngest brands on the market. Hailing from Shenzhen and operating as a subsidiary of Shenzhen Kingtons Technology Co., Ltd., Youup was founded in 2018 to address the lack of options faced by consumers in terms of pod systems and disposable e-cigarettes. While there are a lot of such products on the market, very few of them strive to create a high-quality product with the end-user in mind.

That’s where Youup comes in. Their research and development team includes some of the best engineers from the most successful companies in the industry. Each of these researchers bring their decades of experience to each Youup product, ensuring that you’ll get a cutting-edge, high-quality portable device every time.

Since their inception in 2018, Youup has expanded rapidly, establishing offices and locations in the United States, Britain, France, Russia, and Germany. With such an expansive network, Youup is able to effectively handle customer service on a personal level across the world.

Furthermore, while Youup is a new company, their parent company Shenzhen Kingtons Technology, is an industry veteran. Some people may be familiar with the Kingtons e-cigarette, which is a cutting-edge device using micro-electronic technology to provide an incredibly authentic vape experience. This also means that Youup has access to Shenzhen resources, including their manufacturing facilities. This allows them to create their top-quality vapes en masse so they can sell them at incredibly reasonable prices. You’ll love a Youup portable vape device, just give it a shot.

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