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Pod Systems - RPM 5mL - 3.1mL

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Which Pod System is The Best?

With so many pod devices on the market today, deciding on the best pod system can be challenging! If you have never used one before, there are several things you should consider when purchasing a pod. Is a long battery life required? What type of vape do you prefer, direct-to-lung or mouth-to-lung? Would you choose a refillable pod or a prefilled one? Which one has the best price for you? Do you like pod vapes that are draw-activated or button-activated? Considering the answers to the preceding questions when selecting a pod device is essential, especially if this is your first time vaping.

What is a Pod System Vape?

Pod devices, sometimes called pod system vapes, are electronic cigarettes that use vape pods as part of their functionality. Vaping pods contain e-liquid and are powered by a battery. The two work together to form a pod system.

Can You Use Regular E-Juice in a Pod System?

In a nutshell, yes. You can use regular e-juice in a pod system since pod vapes work with freebase and nicotine salt e-liquid.