Replacement Pods - Vaporesso - Vape Hardware Brand

If you’ve picked up one of our fantastic pod systems, you’re going to need a replacement pod sooner or later. We offer replacement pods for the Innokin Gala, Eleaf Tance, Smok Nord, and dozens of other popular pod systems.

If you’ve been using a pod for a while and you’re beginning to lose that crisp flavor production, you already know what time it is. Time to pick up a new pack of pods!

For the beginners out there, each re-fillable pod has a limited lifespan. These pods typically contain a built-in coil, along with wicking material. As you vape, this wicking material becomes saturated with your e-juice which is turned into vapor as the coil heats the wick. However, after a period of time, either the wicking material begins to go bad or the coil begins to gunk up. In either case, you’re going to start experiencing a burnt flavor, leaking, sub-quality vapor, or muted flavors. Once that starts happening, it’s time to replace that pod. While your personal experience may vary, you can typically expect to run anywhere between 8mL – 50mL of e-liquid through each pod before it burns out. This can be affected by the type of e-juice you’re using, your own vaping habits, and various other factors, but it’s a good guideline.

The point is: you don’t ever have to suffer through using a pod that’s on its last legs, just pick up your replacement pods at rock-bottom prices at ProVape!

Vaporesso is a dominant force in the vaping industry thanks to their breakthrough innovative designs. They design and manufacture their own range of vape kits, atomizers, vape tanks, coils and vape mods & batteries. Vaporesso is one of the longest brands in the vaping industry. Vaporesso specializes in visually stunning innovative vape devices including mods, tanks, vaping kits and tools. Whether you’ve just started vaping or have been doing it for years. Vaporesso strives to make products that can fit all types of vapers.