Replacement Pods - 3mL

If you’ve picked up one of our fantastic pod systems, you’re going to need a replacement pod sooner or later. We offer replacement pods for the Innokin Gala, Eleaf Tance, Smok Nord, and dozens of other popular pod systems.

If you’ve been using a pod for a while and you’re beginning to lose that crisp flavor production, you already know what time it is. Time to pick up a new pack of pods!

For the beginners out there, each re-fillable pod has a limited lifespan. These pods typically contain a built-in coil, along with wicking material. As you vape, this wicking material becomes saturated with your e-juice which is turned into vapor as the coil heats the wick. However, after a period of time, either the wicking material begins to go bad or the coil begins to gunk up. In either case, you’re going to start experiencing a burnt flavor, leaking, sub-quality vapor, or muted flavors. Once that starts happening, it’s time to replace that pod. While your personal experience may vary, you can typically expect to run anywhere between 8mL – 50mL of e-liquid through each pod before it burns out. This can be affected by the type of e-juice you’re using, your own vaping habits, and various other factors, but it’s a good guideline.

The point is: you don’t ever have to suffer through using a pod that’s on its last legs, just pick up your replacement pods at rock-bottom prices at ProVape!